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Become the “Marys” of abandoned tabernacles

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January 4 – Our Lady of Roses (Italy, 1418) – Saint Angela of Foligno

Become the “Marys” of abandoned tabernacles

The outside of the tabernacle doors: The Annunciation – Top, Christ Pantokrator and Evangelists – left. Mary the Seat of Wisdom – right. (Image from
Blessed Manuel Gonzalez Garcia (d. January 4, 1940), Bishop of Malaga, is an outstanding figure of the Spanish Church. The two salient features of his spirituality are the devotions to the Blessed Sacrament and the Virgin Mary.

He was ordained a priest in 1901. The vision of an abandoned tabernacle marked him deeply and from that time, he devoted himself to spreading Eucharistic devotion by proclaiming everywhere a phrase that he repeated till his death: "Jesus is here! He is here! Do not abandon him!"

In 1910, he addressed a group of devout women and said, "Let me seek your attention and your help today for the most abandoned of all the poor—the Blessed Sacrament! For the love of Mary Immaculate and for the Sacred Heart who is so ill-rewarded, I ask you to become the Marys of those abandoned tabernacles."

He was alluding to the three "Marys" who were at the foot of the Cross. Thus was born the association of "Marys of Tabernacles-Calvaries" in a spirit of reparation to imitate the Virgin Mary, Saint John and the Holy Women, who remained faithful to Jesus on Calvary.