Thursday, January 07, 2016

What we can learn from the many faces of the Virgin Mary

Une Minute avec Marie
An initiative of the Mary of Nazareth Association

January 7 – Our Lady of Charity (Rumilly, France)

What we can learn from the many faces of the Virgin Mary

Marian images, fruits of the apparitions that have taken place around the world, present many differences, ranging from clothing to facial features, as well as the language Our Lady spoke... However, there are also many similarities. Mary seems to manifest herself in different ways in order to win the sympathy and trust of the people of every nation... She always adapts herself to the mentality, culture and psychology of the visionaries and the people to whom she speaks.

From a rational perspective, we know that the Virgin Mary was a poor Jewish woman. She was not African or Chinese or American Indian. Her face probably resembled those of Jewish and Palestinian women living in the Middle East today.

However, to honor a divine plan, Mary has revealed herself to different cultures out of love for humanity and with the intention to further strengthen faithfulness to her Son. This is why we have representations of the Virgin that are Asian, African, European, Indian, etc.

Therefore, the messages that Our Lady brings us through her apparitions are more important than the appearance she assumes.