Saturday, January 23, 2016

Spiritual Gems-God So Desires to Give Graces But We Stifle Him!-January 23, 2016

God So Desires to Give Graces But We Stifle Him!

Our souls must be in a state of Grace to receive more Grace, but with 97% of Catholics not receiving the Sacrament of Confession on a regular basis, our Lord is stifled in giving!  Our Lord speaks to Gabrielle Bossis about His desire to give: "My very little one, don't be afraid to come and drink at the fount of My power. It never runs dry; nothing ever comes to an end in Me...Would I be God if in giving I became poorer?...I find My happiness in showering My blessings on you...And if you suspect that I have the power as well as the longing to will lose your fear of imposing upon God's kindness or of being too daring with Him...How often I have had abundant treasures in My tabernacle all ready to give, but no one came to ask Me for them."

Our Lord to Gabrielle Bossis from He and I"


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