Friday, November 25, 2011

Mary TV Daily Reflection 11/25/2011

Ivan Milona and Denis in Vienna
Denis, Ivan and Milona in Vienna
Used with permission from Tom Matasso   


November 25, 2011

St. Catherine of Alexandria


Dear Family of Mary!


Today we receive a message from Our Lady! As we wait, Denis will share some wonderful news and statistics from our recent live event in Vienna. They are very encouraging and will help us to give thanks to the Lord for His mercy. Denis writes:


It was wonderful seeing Fr. Pervan Nov. 17th in St. Stephens Cathedral...  I noted at the beginning of Mass that His Eminence, Cardinal Schoenborn, singled him out among the 78 priests concelebrating to recognize and thank, and at the end of the Mass in the sacristy (at 165 minutes into video "Mass and Adoration" that can be viewed on our web page <>) he walked over and embraced Fr. Pervan as our camera came in close!  It was really beautiful!  Milona von Habsburg was our translator....  After hearing confessions, Fr. Pervan brought his chair over to where we were sitting to pray the rosary with us....  Everyone was so happy to be together.  Milona said she felt the same.  We all were like family and felt such unity.   We're very, very grateful!  


On November 17th there were more than 2 million hits on MARY TV's web page; 231,200 continuous viewers in 100 countries (many of those computer hook-ups were viewed by multiple people, so it wouldn't be off the mark to assume close to one million people were praying along with us in the cathedral):  Canada, Korea, Argentina, Poland, United States of America (all 50 States), Belgium, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Brazil, UK, Columbia, Portugal, Trinidad and Tobago, Netherlands, Italy, Venezuela, India, Japan, Malta, Ireland, All Other Regions, Germany, Puerto Rico, France, El Salvador, Australia, Costa Rica, Philippines, Hong Kong, Panama, Honduras, Slovakia, Bolivia, Austria, Paraguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mauritius, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, Guatemala, Uruguay, Sweden, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Russian Federation, Malaysia, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Guyana, American Samoa, Ukraine, Latvia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Oman, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Sir Lanka, Denmark, Croatia, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Barbados, Thailand, Albania, Kuwait, Qatar, Martinique, Jordan, Indonesia, Reunion, Zambia, Gibraltar, Anguilla, Ghana, Norway, Turkey, Viet Nam, Egypt, Macedonia, Estonia, Finland, Taiwan, Jamaica, Faroe Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Malawi, Andorra, Santa Lucia, Israel, Guadeloupe, Sudan, Netherlands Antilles, Belarus, Slovenia, Uganda, Virgin Islands and Guam.


On November 17th our web page had 3,103 days of viewing (equivalent to 9 years of continuous viewing)!!!   Absolutely astronomical!  Sixteen times the amount of data was viewed this year than had been viewed during last year's evening of prayer in St. Stephens Cathedral.  And as happened last year, more people are viewing the evening of prayer this week then had viewed and prayed along with us on November 17th.  It's reasonable to expect the number to end up being several million.  (We stream at a lower bit rate than that even those in poor countries with poor bandwidth - internet connection - can access our streaming.)


This is all due to the intercessory prayer of Our Lady's little ones....   We experienced more technical problems this year than we did last year...but the peace was greater... Without Tom knowing how to solve those technical problems, all of a sudden an idea would pop into his head that to him didn't make any sense at the time....and lo and behold, it would fix the problem.   It was an evening of amazing grace.    


Yes, November 17, 2011 was a powerful day. So many, many of Our Lady's children were united in prayer and adoration on that day, through the internet! This is a new and powerful grace for us all. Thank you, dear Mother, for helping us to develop such a tool to be used for you in your mission from Medjugorje!


In Jesus and Mary!

Cathy Nolan

©Mary TV


PS. I am sure we all want to thank Milona Von Habsburg - de Rambures for hosting and translating during the whole evening at St. Stephens. Milona communicated the peace and purity of Our Lady, as she translated and shared the events in Vienna. Thank you, Milona, for helping us all to understand and enter into the prayer and reflection of that beautiful evening!


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