Friday, November 25, 2011

NOT like Our Lady – sign protest!

Shocking scandal and sacrilege: Pamela Anderson to
play ‘Our Lady’ in special Christmas program

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Dear Deacon John,

In my opinion, the unspeakable is about to happen: a well known actress who was featured in Playboy magazine will play the Our Lady role in an upcoming Christmas show.

The Russell Peters show will feature a Christmas show with the dissolute model Pamela Anderson in the role of Our Lady.

The show will air at 9PM EST on CTV on December 1st.

According to one news source: “The special show will deliver ‘an irreverent twist on the Christmas special making it unlike anything viewers have seen before.’”

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This is a shocking insult to the spotless purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The blessed Virgin, Mother of God, is the purest, the fairest and the holiest of God’s creatures.

Why did they choose an immoral actress who was featured in Playboy magazine to play the role of Our Lady?

It is unimaginable! Shocking!

In my opinion, this is one of the most insulting things I have ever seen.

And it is deeply offensive to God to allow someone who is known to have such immoral lifestyle to represent the most pure virgin and holy Mother of God.

Woe to the world that allows the Holy Mother of God to be so vilely offended!

These anti-Our Lady blasphemies must stop. So please act NOW.

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Please offer a special Rosary of Reparation to Our Lady for this terrible offense to Her spotless purity.

Whether this sacrilegious event is canceled or not, America Needs Fatima members and associates worldwide will offer a Special Rosary at 9PM EST on Sunday, December 1, in reparation for this immoral insult to Our Lady’s purity.

And right now, please say some special prayers of reparation to the Most Holy Mother of God.

Thank you.


Robert E. Ritchie

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