Saturday, September 08, 2012

Experiencing the Reality of Christ in You


When God explained to St. Faustina that we were living in a time of unprecedented grace and mercy, this not only referred to His attempt to bring back the majority who no longer worshipped Him, but to draw much closer in a concrete, perceptible and intimate way those who remained faithful to Him.

In addition to St. Faustina, God also demonstrated this reality to St. Hannibal di Francia, Blessed Dina Belanger and Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity. They each tell us God wants…He desires that we allow Him to actually live in us in a concrete, perceptible way so we think with His thoughts and speak with His words as he did in His Mother! Think about this…read about this grace of all graces…this “Mother of all Graces”. We simply need to desire it and to make an effort to learn about it…He will do the rest. So we can say with His Mother and St. Paul: “It is no longer I who live, it IS Christ who lives in me! Why do so few seek to give God genuine love…this pearl of rare price?

A.P. Marcus


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