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Mary TV Daily Reflection 4/12/2012

Vicka on the Blue steps- fearless joy!
(c)Mary Matasso, 2011
Vicka shares her faith and love, without fear!

April 12, 2012

Easter Thursday


Dear Family of Mary!


The Feast of Divine Mercy approaches. We are on day 7 of the Novena of Divine Mercy. The intention for today is "Souls who venerate and glorify God's Mercy". St. Faustina wrote of them: "These souls are mighty with the very power of God Himself. In the midst of all afflictions and adversities they go forward, confident of Your mercy." (1225, Diary) It is true that when we truly believe in the mercy of God, we have confidence. We in fact are fearless!


St. Faustina once wrote these words about fear:


"Love casts our fear. Since I came to love God with my whole being and with all the strength of my heart, fear has left me. Even if I were to hear the most terrifying things about God's justice, I would not fear Him at all, because I have come to know Him well. God is love, and His Spirit is peace. I see now that my deeds which have flowed from love are more perfect than those which I have done out of fear. I have placed my trust in God and fear nothing. I have given myself over to His holy will; let Him do with me as He wishes, and I will still love him." (589, Diary)


St. Faustina had comprehended the great love of God for her, expressed in His infinite mercy, and this understanding drove all fear out of her life. She no longer could be tempted to draw back from life, from any situation that came her way. She had complete trust in God, and her love for Him gave her strength.


This is also what Our Lady has been leading us to through her messages. She once said to us:


"Dear children, today I extend my hands towards you. Do not be afraid to accept them. They desire to give you love and peace and to help you in salvation. Therefore, my children, receive them. Fill my heart with joy and I will lead you towards holiness. The way on which I lead you is difficult and full of temptations and falls. I will be with you and my hands will hold you. Be persevering so that, at the end of the way, we can all together, in joy and love, hold the hands of my Son. Come with me; fear not. Thank you." (March 18, 2008 Mirjana)


Our Lady is with us to give us confidence and peace. She wants to bring us into contact with Jesus so that we can hold His hands. She wants us to be free of fear! Just like St. Faustina, she wants us to understand how safe we are in Jesus' hands. His love, His mercy is infinite. We can rely on Jesus completely.


"Be persevering so that, at the end of the way, we can all together, in joy and love, hold the hands of my Son. Come with me; fear not."


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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