Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Cleaning Behind These Stone Walls, And News from the Front by FR. GORDON J. MACRAE



There is some spring cleaning going on behind These Stone Walls, and we have an update of sorts on the long, slow trek toward justice for Fr. MacRae. There are a few small ways you can help, and we describe them this week in "Spring Cleaning Behind Stone Walls, and News from the Front."

. . . Right now, however, I have a far greater challenge to face than the temper tantrums of SNAP members long accustomed to having their distortions rule the day. It’s a greater challenge even than waiting for the legal system to catch up with justice. The most immediate and daunting challenge I face at this moment is one many of you have to take on as well. It’s called spring cleaning. As you know well, my world of the last nearly 18 years consists of an 8 by 12-foot cell which must be shared by two prisoners, one of whom wrote “The Duty of a Knight” two weeks ago. Well, it turns out that it isn’t the duty of a knight to do all the spring cleaning while I just sit here on my bucket (umm . . . I mean this big plastic one) and type. We need to do something prisoners are required to do periodically. We have to empty out this cell completely, and clean everything . . .

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