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Mary TV Daily Reflection 4/9/2012 Easter Monday

Divine Mercy Image
Jesus, Divine Mercy!
Lover of Human Salvation!

April 9, 2012

Easter Monday!


Dear Family of Mary!


"This is the day the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it. Alleluia, alleluia!"


Happy Easter, dear friends!! Blessing and peace to each and every one of you! The Lord is risen, as He said! Alleluia!


We are in the middle of the Divine Mercy Novena, which began on Good Friday and will end on Easter Saturday. Though our hearts are filled with the joy of the Resurrection, this novena keeps our feet on the ground, for we pray with all earnestness for complete reconciliation with God, for ourselves, our families, and the whole world. Jesus has won that reconciliation for us in His Death and Resurrection. But we must open our hearts to the salvation He has provided. We must accept the gift of God in Jesus, and intercede for others to receive it as well.


That is the beauty of the Divine Mercy Novena. We pray for Mercy for ourselves and for all our brothers and sisters. This novena is a strenuous effort, a last struggle up the mountain, so to speak. We have arrived at Easter, but our work is not over, our work of prayer and intercession. We must move forward in prayer for souls. Mother Mary is with us to help us. She said in 2010:


"Dear children! Anew I call you to follow me with joy. I desire to lead all of you to my Son, your Savior. You are not aware that without Him you do not have joy and peace, nor a future or eternal life. Therefore, little children, make good use of this time of joyful prayer and surrender. Thank you for having responded to my call." (July 25, 2010)


Our Lady leads us to Jesus, urging us onward in prayer and surrender. She knows how important it is that we cling to God. St. Faustina wrote:


Jesus, lover of human salvation, draw all souls to the divine life. May the greatness of Your mercy be praised here on earth and in eternity. O great lover of souls, who in Your boundless compassion opened the salutary fountains of mercy so that weak souls may be fortified in this life's pilgrimage, Your mercy runs through our life like a golden thread and maintains in good order the contact of our being with God. For He does not need anything to make Him happy; so everything is solely the work of His mercy. My senses are transfixed with joy when God grants me a deeper awareness of that great attribute of His; namely, His unfathomable mercy. (1466, Diary)


"Jesus, lover of human salvation..." This is the wonder of God's Mercy. He loves us so much. He desires that we be saved. He has done everything to make our salvation and eternal life possible. That golden thread of Jesus' saving work can be seen, if we look for it. Jesus has been with us always, offering us His love, His forgiveness, His hope and strength. What stands in the way of our salvation? Only our lack of openness to His gift, our free will, our choice for or against Him. That is the only road block to eternal life with Jesus. And so Our Lady calls us to follow her to Jesus. She will help us to choose Him, to surrender to Him. The Divine Mercy Novena and the Feast of Divine Mercy are especially designed to accomplish this very thing. In the Novena we are led to Jesus, Divine Mercy. And we are given the grace to pray for many, many others that they can also draw near to Mercy, Himself.


May we draw very near to the lover of human salvation, Jesus the Risen Lord! May we surrender to Him!


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

©Mary TV 2012


PS. If you need the Divine Mercy prayers, they can be found here:


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