Monday, April 23, 2012

Mary TV Daily Reflection 4/23/2012

Pondering Our Lady's messages!
(c)Mike Nolan, 2010

April 23, 2012

St. George, St. Adalbert


Dear Family of Mary!


"Dear children! Today I invite you to accept with seriousness and to live the messages which I am giving you. I am with you and I desire, dear children, that each one of you be ever closer to my heart. Therefore, little children, pray and seek the will of God in your everyday life. I desire that each one of you discover the way of holiness and grow in it until eternity. I will pray for you and intercede for you before God that you understand the greatness of this gift which God is giving me that I can be with you. Thank you for having responded to my call." (April 25, 1990)


This is one of those beautiful messages in which Our Lady shares her Heart with us. She speaks straight to our hearts from her Heart, in simple language. But make no mistake, she is sharing words of power and might with us.


Many of these words we have heard from Our Lady over and over again. She asks us to live her messages with seriousness. She is with us. She wants us closer to her heart. She mentions holiness, eternity, the gift of her presence and God's will. We have heard these things many times. But have we really understood them? Have we taken them in? Do we know what they truly mean?


Recently it occurred to me that I am not capable of understanding Our Lady's words in their true depth of meaning. I think very superficially. I understand only in natural ways, most of the time. I probably am unaware of the deeper spiritual realities, the truths of God that Our Lady understands so well. But I could think for eons and not understand what she understands.


So what can I do? It occurred to me that one thing I can do is respond to Our Lady's messages with prayer. Why not turn Our Lady's requests into a prayer directed back to God? Only the Lord can help us truly comprehend what we must do to respond to Our Lady's call. This would be a good way to begin to receive the grace of the message. Here is one way to pray back this message of April 25, 1990:


Dear Heavenly Father! Our Mother has asked me to accept with seriousness her messages. Please give me the grace to open my heart to her messages, to receive them with trust and peace. Please help me to put her message into life, to live them as best I can. She tells me she is with me. I am so grateful to You for allowing her to come. Please help me to experience her presence, to feel her close by, to know in my heart that she is really here with me. I need her so very much. She desires to draw me closer to her heart. I want to be very close to her. I say "yes" to her desire. Show me how to draw close to Mother Mary!


Mother Mary asks me to pray. I have trouble finding time for prayer. I don't know how to pray. I need your grace, Heavenly Father, to learn to pray. In prayer I want to be near You. I want to experience Your love, Your mercy, Your words to me. Only if I hear from You can I know Your will for me in my everyday life. So, I come before Your, Lord, to ask for the gift of prayer. Draw me ever closer to You in prayer.


Mother wants me to discover the way of holiness so that I can grow in it to eternity. I long for holiness. But I feel blocked by my weakness, problems, by shame, fear, unforgiveness, low self- image, and so many things that keep me from trusting You and following You. Heal me, Lord, of all this bondage that interferes with my love for You, that keeps me from converting and changing into the joyful child You have created me to be.


Mother is praying for me, so that I can understand the greatness of the gift that You are giving to her, that she can be with me. This shows me how very much she loves me! She is so excited to be able to be with me. I want to understand her love, accept her love, and be open to her love. I want to give my love to Mother Mary! Please, Father, give me the grace to love my Mother!


And finally, help me, dear Lord, to respond to Our Lady's call. Help me to say "yes" to her, and through that "yes" to say "yes" to You! I love You with all my heart!! Amen!


Well, this is a stab at it! Of course each of us would have our own personal requests in the prayer, the things we see in the message ourselves. But already, I feel more attached to Our Lady's requests and desires. It seems to work!


As we prepare for the message on the 25th, let's ask the Father to help us be open to Our Lady's call!!


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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