Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From The Friars eLetter: Lessons in Evangelization

If the sun were to rise shooting his rays only directly upward like a spot light, it would profit us nothing save a few stars we would surely not be alive to see. Instead the sun is good and reasonable to radiate his light like an iron stove does its heat casting itself on all things on all sides at all times. And why should we, in the radiation of our light, be so stingy?

Yet note how even the sun may not directly illumine the backside of a mountain, the crevice of a ravine or the depths of the cave. And see also how with patience he radiates himself constantly until the earth's spinning makes the mountain's opposing face and the ravine's sinking fissure ready to receive his steadfast light. Even the cave who will never know day will always have day at its doorstep as a constant witness to its warmth and light in an otherwise dark and cold reality. 

Evangelization is not the assertion of one's will over another's, nor is it the triumph of skillful argumentation or sarcastic banter. Evangelization is the uncompromising presence of the evident and attractive source of eternal life. That is all; nothing more. And may it never be anything less.

+ Br. Joseph Michael Fino, CFR
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