Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mary TV daily Reflection 4/24/2013

Pilgrim in prayer at the big Cross
"Never cease praying so that Satan cannot take advantage of you."
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April 24, 2013
Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! I am inviting you to a complete surrender to God. Pray, little children, that Satan may not carry you about like the branches in the wind. Be strong in God. I desire that through you the whole world may get to know the God of joy. By your life bear witness for God's joy. Do not be anxious nor worried. God himself will help you and show you the way. I desire that you love all men with my love. Only in that way can love reign over the world. Little children, you are mine. I love you and want you to surrender to me so that I can lead you to God. Never cease praying so that Satan cannot take advantage of you. Pray for the knowledge that you are mine. I bless you with blessings of joy. Thank you for having responded to my call." (May 25, 1988)

In this remarkable message, Our Lady again speaks about temptation. Her enemy and ours, uses temptation to "carry [us] about like the branches in the wind." Temptations are Satan's way of getting us all upset, off track, unpeaceful, fearful, worried, and anxious. He introduces all kinds of fearful thoughts that make us lose our peace as we look into the future and expect the worst.

Our Lady offers us something quite different. She tells us to surrender to God and pray. She calls us to get as close to God as we can through prayer so that God can lead us into His joy! She trains us to look to God for everything we need, to trust God in every situation, and to follow God each day in the plan of love He wants to build through us. She tells us that God will help us and show us the way. Our Lady also tells us that we are hers, that she wants to lead us as well and that we are her children. She offers us her protections and guidance, so that we can enter into the joy of the Father.

There is such a stark difference between Our Lady's offer and Satan's offer. She calls us to joy, Satan calls us to suspicion. Mary calls us to peace, Satan stirs up disquiet. Mary calls us to trust in God, Satan inspires distrust of God. Mary asks us to let go control of our lives (surrender to God) while Satan inspires us to get control of ourselves through selfishness and defensiveness. Our Lady leads us to prayer, Satan to worry and anxiety and self-love. We see the pattern.

When we begin to feel our lives being "carried about like the branches in the wind" it is time to pray and return to Our Lord and Our Lady and her messages. In this way we will again hear the truth, the call that is peace and love, trust and joy. In this way, through prayer, we will find our feet again. We will gain the knowledge that we are Mary's children, safe in her motherly arms, close to her Son Jesus.

St. Faustina was assailed by temptations and wrote about them. (It gives us a bit of peace to know that someone so holy was tempted!) Jesus gave her some advice about how to respond to temptations. His words are filled with clarity about temptations and resonate with Our Lady's message:

(1560) February 3, [1938]. Today after Holy Communion, Jesus again gave me a few directives: First, do not fight against a temptation by yourself, but disclose it to the confessor at once, and then the temptation will lose all its force. Second, during these ordeals do not lose your peace; live in My presence; ask My Mother and the Saints for help. Third, have the certitude that I am looking at you and supporting you. Fourth, do not fear either struggles of the soul or any temptations, because I am supporting you; if only you are willing to fight, know that the victory is always on your side. Fifth, know that by fighting bravely you give Me great glory and amass merits for yourself. Temptation gives you a chance to show Me your fidelity.

It is so wise to share our temptations with a spiritual director, or if we don't have one, a confessor or a trusted prayer partner or spouse. Once a temptation is out in the light, it loses its hold over us, it deflates! And of course, calling on Jesus' Mother and the Saints is so wise. We are not alone in the fight! They are with us to help. Especially, Our Lady of Medjugorje! She is with us. She is a powerful intercessor and protector.And finally, we should not fear the struggle, because Jesus is always watching over us.  He supports us with His great love. 

So, no anxiety, no worry! Stay in prayer, in union with Jesus and Mary, and the Kingdom of Joy will be built in us!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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