Friday, April 05, 2013

Mary TV Daily Reflection 4/5/2013

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Jesus, Divine Mercy, I trust in you! 
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April 5, 2013

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! I call you to prayer. By means of prayer, little children, you obtain joy and peace. Through prayer you are richer in the mercy of God. Therefore, little children, let prayer be the life of each one of you. Especially I call you to pray so that all those who are far away from God may be converted. Then our hearts shall be richer because God will rule in the hearts of all men. Therefore, little children, pray, pray, pray! Let prayers begin to rule in the whole world. Thank you for having responded to my call." (August 25, 1989)

This beautiful message from Our Lady speaks of the mercy of God. She says that those who pray become rich in that mercy. And so she asks us to pray, pray, pray, so that the world will be ruled by prayer and thus become rich in mercy.

St. Faustina received much instruction on prayer and mercy from Jesus. This little section from her diary is a good example of how Jesus was leading her to pray and be immersed in His mercy:

1074 ...Tell the world about My mercy and My love. The flames of mercy are burning me. I desire to pour them out upon human souls. Oh, what pain they cause Me when they do not want to accept them! My daughter, do whatever is within your power to spread devotion to My mercy. I will make up for what you lack. Tell aching mankind to snuggle close to My merciful Heart, and I will fill it with peace. Tell [all people], My daughter, that I am Love and Mercy itself. When a soul approaches Me with trust, I fill it with such an abundance of graces that it cannot contain them within itself, but radiates them to other souls.

1075 Souls who spread the honor of My mercy I shield through their entire lives as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them, but the Merciful Savior. At that last hour, a soul has nothing with which to defend itself except My mercy. Happy is the soul that during its lifetime immersed itself in the Fountain of Mercy, because justice will have no hold on it.

1076 Write this: Everything that exists is enclosed in the bowels of My mercy, more deeply than an infant in its mother's womb. How painfully distrust of My goodness wounds Me! Sins of distrust wound Me most painfully.(St, Faustina's Diary, 1074-76) 

The merciful Jesus is like a tender mother who shields her child, yes, even a mother who carries her child in her womb. Jesus declares that his love and mercy are so tender that they take care of everything for us, as a mother does for her little baby. We have only to ask for His mercy, to trust in His mercy, and He will do everything for us. How can we refuse? If we pray, pray, pray, and in trust, give ourselves over to Jesus, mercy will reign in our lives and radiate to the whole world.

May this Divine Mercy Sunday be a moment of great grace for all of us as we call upon our loving Jesus to enfold us in His mercy as a mother does her little tiny child.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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