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Cardinal-Patriarch consecrates pontificate Francisco and anticipates 'trials'

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May 13, 2013  
(John 16:33) These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you shall have distress. But have confidence. I have overcome the world.

ARCHIVED ROME REPORTS: Pope Francis's Pontificate to be consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima on May 13th

Just hours after being elected, Pope Francis asked Portuguese Cardinal José Policarpo for a special request. The Pope asked the patriarch of Lisbon to consecrate his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima.  The celebration will held on May 13th and it will be led by Cardinal Policarpo, who also serves as the president of Portugal's Episcopal Conference. The bishops have also invited pilgrims to take part in the ceremony to honor the 'Pope's pastoral service.' 

FATIMA: Cardinal-Patriarch consecrates pontificate Francisco and anticipates 'trials'

Cardinal-Patriarch of Lisbon, D. José Policarpo, consecrated today at Fatima the pontificate of the Virgin Mary, responding to a request of the same, and said that Francisco will face "trials" in his ministry.

"Give her the gift of discernment to know how to identify the ways of renewal of the Church; give him the courage not to hesitate to follow the ways suggested by the Holy Spirit; Amparai it in hard hours of suffering, to win, the charity, the trials that the renewal of the Church will bring ", referring to prayer addressed by the President of the Portuguese Episcopal Conference (CEP) of Fatima, at the end of the pilgrimage Anniversary International May.

D. José Policarpo, one of the cardinals who participated in the election of the successor of Francis recalled that three of the last popes (Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI) visited the Cova da Iria.

"Only you, Madam, in your motherly love to the whole Church can put Francisco in the heart of the Pope's desire to be a pilgrim this Shrine. It is not something that you can ask for other reasons, "he said.

The Patriarch of Lisbon stressed that "only the silent complicity" between the Virgin Mary and the Pope can do what they feel "attracted to this pilgrimage in the certainty that it will be joined by millions of believers."

"Here at this altar of the world, he may bless mankind, to impress on the world today that God loves all men and women of our time, the Church loves them and that you, Mother of the Redeemer, tenderly to lead into the ways of salvation, "he added.

The president stressed that the CEP ways of renewing the Church lead to "rediscover the relevance" of the message of Fatima, "the requirement of conversion to God who has been so offended, why so forgetful."

"Contemporary humanity needs to feel loved by God and the Church. Just feeling loved overcome the temptation to violence, materialism, of God's forgetfulness, loss of direction that will lead to a new world, where love reigns, "needed.

In this context D. José Policarpo maintained that the Church has to assert itself as a "place of conversion and forgiveness, because it expresses the truth always in charity."

"So you consecrate Lady, you who are the Mother of the Church, the ministry of the new Pope: fill your heart the tenderness of God, that you have experienced as anyone, so that it can embrace all men and women of this time with the love of your Son Jesus Christ, "he said.

Cardinal-Patriarch recalled the late Pope, Benedict XVI, "who chose the way of silent prayer, challenging the church to the ways of prayer."

The gesture was highlighted with a clap of pilgrims at the Cova da Iria.

After the moment of consecration of the pontificate, at the end of Mass, the bishop of Leiria-Fatima, D. António Marto, read a message sent by the Apostolic Nunciature in Portugal.

"The Holy Father expressed his satisfaction for the initiative and deep appreciation for the satisfaction of his desire in union of prayer with all the pilgrims of Fatima, which, at heart, gives apostolic blessing as a pledge of all goods," referring text.

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