Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Lady Queen of the Church

Direction for Our Times

Dear lay apostles,
Dear lay apostles,

I offer you the following writing regarding Mary, our mother. Clearly, I have obtained the permission necessary to make this available at this time. I believe that by appealing to Our Lady, Queen of the Church, we will receive enormous assistance with our important work of renewal in the Church. Please feel free to share this writing.  

Additionally, we are preparing the release of Volume Eight, so perhaps by September or thereabouts we will be offering that to you as well.
Our Lady Queen of the Church
Our Lady Queen of the Church
Our Lady Queen of the Church
Our Lady, Queen of the Church

Mary, our Mother, has many titles. One of them is Mother of the Church. In this beautiful reference we see that maternity and protection come from Our Lady as she ministers to the Body of Christ serving on earth.
In this time, the Church is challenged to move into a dynamic period of renewal. Renewal will require each Catholic to attach himself to the ever present power of the Holy Spirit and allow God to draw from him graces of love and evangelisation. Only an active and co-responsible laity can ensure swift advance in this regard. This change is necessary if the Church is to respond positively and decisively to the confusion experienced by God’s children in the face of both subtle and direct challenges to our Way. While, as Catholics, we seek to obtain and to retain the freedom to practice our faith, we must also consider that we believe Christianity has the obligation in the world to represent God’s highest hopes for the dignity of humanity.
This is a serious obligation.  
For this reason and this purpose, it would seem that the Lord would be pleased if His most holy mother became known as Our Lady, Queen of the Church. Venerated in this way, she will intercede with specific graces for the protection and growth of the Church on earth. The Church will benefit through Mary’s dignity as Queen of the Church, but also through her influence and authority as Queen of the Church. Honouring the feminine authority of Mary as Queen will provide for all Catholics a spotless call, drawing them further into service in the Church, not as passive participants but as meaningful and active contributors who, like Mary, can help protect the course of all of humanity by humble service to the King’s wishes through fidelity to the Magisterium.
Our Lady, Queen of Apostles, Queen of Saints, Queen of Angels, Queen of Peace and Queen of Heaven and Earth is already, by virtue of being the mother of the King, a Queen. Created by the Father to remain immaculate, she chose never to be separated from the will of the Trinity and it is for this reason that she should be venerated as Queen of the Church. Who, like Mary, can draw God’s children back into purity as a reciprocal gift of love to the Father? Who, like Mary, can properly model the necessary strength and humility of women as they live out their commitments to Jesus Christ our King?
Mary, mother of the King, can be an approachable first stop for those seeking reconciliation with the Sacramental life of the Church and her intercession as Queen of the Church during this period will restore many to the Sacraments.
There are those who express a feminine wound in the Church. Certainly, the times prompt equality and dignity between men and women. In heaven there is most assuredly this equality and dignity which we desire on earth but imperfectly strive to achieve. By offering the truth about Mary’s role in the Church, that is, acknowledging her Queenship therein, we will help to heal people from a wound and direct them to a model. We will more brightly illuminate an existing path. By venerating Mary as Queen of the Church, we will allow God to teach us more about the complementarity of the genders.
It is hoped that the woman entering service to the Church will view herself, like Mary, as essential to the life and growth of the Church. The woman entering service to the Church will recognise the beauty of complementarity as essential to the spread of the Gospel Message.
It is hoped that the man entering service to the Church will view himself as a bold proclaimer of Jesus Christ in the world as well as in the Church, and as someone who acts with Jesus to protect and defend Mary, the Queen of the Church. The man entering service to the Church will recognise and defend the essential role of women, not only in the Church but also in the world and, so preciously, in the family.
Clearly, God reveals Himself and His plan for the Church into the Church over time. The preparation of the Bride of Christ advances and into each time God sends the remedies and protection for all challenges to the proper development of the Church. We, as Catholics, must be alert to the Spirit who seeks to both defend and advance in that we simultaneously protect what is truth and advance further into that truth. In other words, further development in the present of that which we have received in the past is no threat, and indeed, only verifies the true nature of our beliefs.
Therefore, with confidence in God’s presence in this historical period of time, we respond to what we believe is His desire that Our Lady, Queen of Apostles, Queen of Saints, Queen of Angels, Queen of Peace and Queen of Heaven and Earth also be venerated as Our Lady, Queen of the Church.
With love,

Anne, a lay apostle

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