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January 2015 Newsletter from Medjugorje

From the Desk of Sr. Emmanuel Maillard

15 January 2015

Dear Children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On January 2, 2015, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross in the presence of a big crowd who had come to entrust the New Year to the Heart of the Mother of God.  After the apparition, Mirjana shared the following message:

  "Dear children, I am here among you as a mother who desires to help you to come to know the truth. While I lived your life on earth I had knowledge of the truth, and by this alone, a piece of Heaven on earth. That is why I desire the same for you, my children. The Heavenly Father desires pure hearts filled with the knowledge of the truth.  He desires for you to love all those whom you meet, because I also love my Son in all of you. This is the beginning of coming to know the truth. Many false truths are being offered to you.  You will overcome them with a heart cleansed by fasting, prayer, penance and the Gospel. This is the only truth and it is the truth which my Son left you. You do not need to examine it much. What is asked of you, as I also have done, is to love and to give. My children, if you love, your heart will be a home for my Son and me, and the words of my Son will be the guiding light in your life. My children, I will make use of you, apostles of love, to help all of my children to come to know the truth. My children, I have always prayed for the Church of my Son, and so I also ask the same of you. Pray that your shepherds may come to shine forth with the love of my Son. Thank you."  

2.  The year 2015 began with a bloodbath in France.  Many comments have been published about the killings in Paris, and I wish to add my own:

-  Among the 10 Words of Life that God gave us so that we, His children, may live under His blessing we find: "Thou shalt not kill" (Dt.5,17 - Ex. 20,13). In addition to the thousands of aborted children, and 2000 violently massacred Nigerians this month, I weep for the group of people who were savagely assassinated in Paris.  "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword," killing is never the solution!

-  Among the same Words of Life, there is: "Thou shalt not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord thy God." In other words: "Thou shalt not blaspheme," (Dt. 5,11). The wave of blasphemy that has swept and still sweeps over France does not attract the blessing of God, because one cannot ridicule what is sacred without attracting great darkness. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said: "No word we say is neutral. Every word we say has an impact on the whole world. All of the words that do not increase the light, increase the darkness."

Here, a pilgrim complained that a member of his family often blasphemes, and it causes him great sadness because it pollutes the entire atmosphere of the house. They try to stop him, but in vain, and the exchange of words often ends in bitter arguments. The Holy Mother has given us a better solution than bitterness, anger and conflict. "Do not enter into a discussion," she tells us. Indeed, in order to protect the fragile treasure of peace which is so easy to destroy, we can ignore the blasphemy as if we had not heard it, remain calm, and above all, send praises and blessings to God in the secret of our hearts." By doing this, in the invisible realm, we cancel out the destructive effect of the blasphemy. The Evil One becomes neutralized. Seeing that he is unable to shake our peace, the blasphemer will become tired of blaspheming before we become tired of blessing God!


In today's world, Satan is making a lot of noise, as he can see his last hour is approaching. The racket he makes is deafening, because he has infiltrated so much of the media. Does he want to make us believe that he has the control because he makes the headlines? He certainly does not! Can God cease to be God? Jesus and Mary are working behind the scenes and are preparing a profound and discreet victory. The new Pentecost of love will happen, the visionaries of Medjugorje know that the Holy Mother is announcing a new time, a time of peace. She has assured us of victory, and is already preparing her apostles. That is why, in the midst of the increasingly nauseating filth that is sweeping over us, let us remain firm in faith and trust, in fervent prayer and have an equally fervent spirit of sacrifice! Let us calmly live the messages of Mary! In doing this we will hasten the victory of her Heart. We will also spare many sufferings and many tragedies for those who do not know God and don't know which way to turn.

- In conclusion, I pray for the victims and the assassins, for the blasphemers of yesterday and today, for the happiness of France, because I am a Christian, not Charlie. (See PS1)
3. Vicka saw Heaven... At a private meeting on January 2nd, Vicka gave a beautiful key to our prayer life: "Let's pray, and let's say 'Thank you' a lot, because 'Thanks' arrives first in Heaven."

This year again, our house in Medjugorje did not miss this tradition: between December 31st and January 1st (or a few days later if we missed the boat), everyone took a large sheet of paper and recollected in deep silence. They examined their hearts and looked at all the gifts that God had given to them in the past year. They wrote them down, and only stopped when they had found 50 reasons why they were thankful to God. 50 may seem like a huge number, but by the time you reach N° 20 or 25, you're on a roll and it's almost difficult to stop at N° 50! Why don't you try? Your heart becomes lighter, your mood becomes cheerful again, and you become more able to spot the favors God is giving you in your daily life. This is the School of Mary! "Dear children, I invite you to thank God, for all the gifts you have discovered in your life even for the smallest gift that you have noticed.  I am thanking God with you!" (September 25, 1989).
4. Saint Peter, the Apostle, is the saint we drew for our house with the invitation to pray for the Pope. And what about you? What Saint has chosen you to be your companion for the year 2015?  (See PS1 in Dec. 12th report)

5.  An American friend who is a mother and a grandmother shared with me the following beautiful experience she had last summer in Medjugorje:

"I had an unusual - from the Spirit, I think - experience yesterday.  When I was in Medjugorje on a tour last summer, the tour leader had us all write a letter to ourselves "from Mary," imagining what Mary would say to us right then.  She asked us to write a paragraph, then seal the envelope and put our address on it.  She said she would mail these back to us, a few at a time, "whenever the Spirit moves me."  I was a little annoyed, to be honest, because I hate gimmicks like that, but I tried to think about what Mary would have to say to me at that particular time, and I did what was asked.  Yesterday, while preparing for the onslaught of 22 family members, who come to stay at our house every other Christmas, I was stressed, in turmoil, very agitated, and unbearably rude to my husband.  Late in the day, this letter came to me:

"Dear Anne! Find your peace not in your surroundings but in your heart.  Escape the chaos around you and make your interior a place of peace, calmness, acceptance, tolerance, and love.  Be true to your beliefs and to the vocation God gave you, and shut out other things with a smile, knowing you are climbing the ladder to heaven. Love, Mary."

6. The next Live broadcast will be on 3 February at 9 PM (Medjugorje time). I will explain the message of February, 2, in French only. Click on The Live broadcast dated 3 January is posted on and on

Dearest Gospa, what a joy to have you with us every day! We marvel at your Heart so pure! It pulls us out of the mire of sin. Blessed are you among women. Please never stop praying for your beloved France, where you came to visit so often. With you, she will raise up once again!

            Sister Emmanuel +
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PS 1.  A journalist asked Msgr Rey in Toulon, France: "Your Excellency, are you Charlie?" He answered: "Allow me to first and foremost be myself, that is, a Christian. A Christian has no ultimate reference, no possible rallying point, and no other identification other than Jesus Himself ." 

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