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Spiritual Gems-​​​Where Mary Is the Person of the Holy Spirit-January 24, 2015

​​Where Mary Is the Person of the Holy Spirit

Mary in whom the Holy Spirit dwells in a special way, evokes the Holy Spirit in all other us!  The most notable example is Elizabeth when Mary visited her.  Mary, who always carries Jesus within her in a mystical way, still seeks to bring a dynamic, personal relationship with the Holy Spirit into each of our lives, so that we are also "filled with the Holy Spirit"; and thus we will also often break into spontaneous and joy filled praise of God for her as our Advocate by saying: "Blessed are thou among woman and blessed is the fruit of thy womb."

When we are aware of the Holy Spirit's constant presence in our soul as baptized and confirmed Catholics free of mortal sin, we will also often break into praise and worship of God with "joy and the Holy Spirit" as we proclaim with Mary..."my soul proclaims the greatness of The Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior."  Speak often to the Holy Spirit dwelling in your soul...He is the Person appropriated to bring you to holiness...He is the Sanctifier!  Ask Mary to intercede for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit,  especially to know Him as a Person!

Based in "Your Life in the Holy Spirit" by Alan Schreck

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