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[MaryVitamin] Fragrance of Loreto: Feast Day of Our Lady of Loretto


Mary Vitamin for December 10th

 Topic: The Fragrance of Loreto (December 10)


"At these words the Gracious Mother disappeared, leaving behind her a most sweet fragrance."


The Holy House of the Annunciation when translated by Angels from Nazareth to Italy, rested in the town of Tersatto (today's Croatia) for three years until the angels according to God's Will,  finally settled it in Loreto, Italy.

One can only imagine the astonishment of the people of Tersatto when one morning an ancient house appeared out of no where to rest on a hill. The bedridden bishop (according to one account) implored the Lord in prayer to reveal to him the mystery and meaning of this occurrence. Our Lady herself appeared to the holy man assuring him that the little house was truly her house from Nazareth. In order that others would believe his words, Our Lady cured the bishop of his illness. When Our Lady left the Bishop's presence he remarked:

"At these words the Gracious Mother disappeared, leaving behind her a most sweet fragrance."

Rev. G.E. Phillips, Loreto and the Holy House, (Loreto Publications: 2005), 23.


Pope Benedict XVI visited the Holy House of Loreto in September, 2007.


Today let my words and actions reflect the words and actions of Our Lady of Loreto. One time today, let me remember Our Lady of Loreto and imitate the patience, kindness and meekness of one who is completely united to the Lord. One time today I will turn to Our Lady in prayer that she may leave the fragrance of her presence through me to the benefit of my family.

Marian Vow:

From Morning Prayer for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception:

"Sinless Virgin, let us follow joyfully in your footsteps; draw us after you in the fragrance of your holiness."

I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Thanks be to God for graces received. 

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