Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The First Christmas by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

The First Christmas

Excerpts from the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Sunday, November 11th 1821. For several days in succession I have seen the Blessed Virgin with her mother Anna, whose house is about an hour’s journey away from Nazareth in the valley of Zabulon. She was far advanced in pregnancy, and sat in a room working with several other women. They were preparing coverlets and other things for Mary’s confinement. Anna, who possessed pastures with flocks and herds, was well-to-do. As she thought that Mary would be in her house for the birth of her Child, she made all the preparations in a very lavish manner, with especially beautiful coverlets and rugs.

November 12th. Joseph will arrive back in Nazareth today. As he (Joseph) was crossing the field of Chimki, six hours from Nazareth, at midnight last night, an angel appeared to him and warned him that he was to go to Bethlehem with Mary at once, for it was there that she was to bear her Child. He also indicated everything that she was to take with her for her use, explaining that they were to be few and simple things, and in particular no embroidered coverlets. Also, besides the ass upon which Mary was to sit, he was to take with him a she-ass one-year old that had not yet had a foal. He was to let her run free and was always to follow whatever path she took.

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