Sunday, January 27, 2013

Courageous Priest: We are hiring . . .


We are hiring . . .

Hello Courageous Priest Here,

We are growing.  Our Lady has been very good to us and we are humbled.  We have branched out and are now a growing presence on Facebook and Twitter.  John has joined his twin brother, Dan, and created an Amazon Kindle best seller for Mariology called The Ultimate Saints Guide to the Immaculate Conception and created a Facebook community for Our Immaculate Mother that reached over 4,000 members in less than a month.  It is rather shocking to tell you the truth. Please join our communities by liking them here.

It is not easy for Jeff and me to ask this, but we need some help.  Are you feeling called to be part of the new evangelization and become part of our Courageous Priest team?  The monetary pay is terrible.  No, really it is.  The spiritual blessings can’t be measured here on earth.

Here is what we are looking for.

Prayer and penance support for our apostolate and our Priests.

  • Courageous Priest Facebook Administrator:  We are looking to create more of a community.  Jeff and I both work full-time and this is a sorely-neglected area for us.  We are looking for someone who is highly proficient in Facebook, with a sharing heart, a great ability to charitably talk to our community and has some basic photoshop skills.  No pay, but some small opportunities could hopefully come up.
  • Courageous Priest Administrator:  Another big part of blogging is getting involved in the community and building relationships with others for Jeff and me on the Courageous Priest site.  We need a knowledgeable and charitable person to respond to comments and questions as the need arises.  No pay, but some small opportunities could hopefully come up.
  • Courageous Priest Twitter Administrator:  Someone to keep up our Twitter presence.   You must have Twitter knowledge.   No pay, but some small opportunities could hopefully come up.
  • Article Submission:  We are always looking for good written content.  If you find an article please submit it to us.  Please, not just the names of courageous priests.  We don’t have time to research them and search for the material to put into an article.  We need something we can post directly to the site, direct links are great.  You can email us from the contact page at the top of the site.
  • Website Developer/Designer:  If you are good with websites can we contact you for help?  We are very challenged with the technical side of the site and would love a resource to talk to.  We would pay for work done for us.  Mainly, we just need free advice.
  • Editor/Graphic Design:  We are looking for an editor and Graphic Designer for some book projects.  This is a paid position, but unfortunately we cannot afford fair market value.

If you are interested in spreading the Truth about the Catholic Church and want to be part of Courageous Priest please send us an email at containing highlighting qualifications. One paragraph describing why you want the position and an example of your work would be great. We do not need a resume.


Thank you for everything and God bless,

John Quinn & Jeff Gares