Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mary Vitamin for January 15th: Our Lady of Banneux

Topic: Our Lady of Banneux
(feast January 15th)


Our Lady,
"I am the Virgin of the Poor."
January 19, 1933
Banneux, Belgium
Mother Teresa:
"You will be surprised to know that in the poorest neighborhoods in many of the cities where we live and work, when we get close to the people who live in shacks, the first thing they ask for is not
bread or clothes, even though often they are dying of hunger and are naked. They ask us to teach them the Word of God. People are hungry for God. They long to hear his Word."

Mariette Beco was financially poor, but also spiritually poor. In January of 1933, Our Lady appeared outside the window of Mariette Beco's house. Our Lady appeared bright and shining like an orb of light. This beautiful Lady motioned to Mariette to come out of her house. Despite the cold and dark of a frigid January night, Mariette left the spiritual emptiness of her own house, endured the physical discomfort of the cold, to join Our Lady in praying the Rosary.
I have to be like Mariette Beco and leave behind the practices of spiritual impoverishment. Leave the old behind and walk out to meet Our Lady of Banneux. I will ask for the light of Our Lady of Banneux, who came as the "Virgin of the Poor," shining light and bringing relief to the suffering. I will ask Her to show me what behaviors I am hanging on to that get in the way of true spiritual growth.
Marian Vow:
"Resemblance with the Immaculate cannot be realized without the mortification of all passions, big and small, without the radical foreswearing of our own selfishness."
Marian Seraphic Pathways, #11,p86
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.