Friday, January 25, 2013

“Satan Has Not Yet Been Banished”

“May 31, 1955 Message”

My dear friends in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

In light of the gravely troubling worldwide “Signs of the Times” right now, at the outset of 2013, I believe the admonitions and directions of Mary, the Lady of All Nations, as contained in her May 31, 1955 “Message to the Nations” is as important now, if not more so, than when she first revealed it to the Dutch visionary, Ida Peerdeman (Church approval, May 31, 2002).

In this historic, paramount message, the Lady tells us: “I have come to warn the nations: Satan is not yet banished.” Our Blessed Mother then warns and instructs us on a number of globally crucial events. Please take a moment and just read the following one or two headline excerpts from the main themes of this extraordinary supernatural message:

Nations, be warned against false prophets…”

The Lady of All Nations is now permitted to come in order to banish Satan. She comes to announce the Holy Spirit…”

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