Monday, January 28, 2013

Fr. Charles: Hard for me to manage




Please read below:


“I'm 82 years old and have been a Catholic priest for a very long time. I am a priest in good standing and have been retired for some time now. Because of my infirmities (I am also blind in one eye), I am no longer able to offer Mass or administer the sacraments at the local parishes where I would receive a stipend to help supplement my Social Security of $670. I am paying rent on a small apartment. We are a small diocese and have no money to give priests like me who can't work anymore at the parishes.


I have heard about your generosity to us priests. I know you have many more priests who are in greater need than me. Could you please help me with a monthly allowance to get by for food and electricity? I do have health insurance, but the co-pays for prescriptions and doctors visits are hard for me to manage. I am really afraid that I will have to stop taking my medicine.


I can pray my Holy Mass for you and your benefactors in my apartment, that is all I can offer!


Sincerely in His Name,


Father Charles”



The need is urgent and we are most grateful for any amount you could share with us for this priest who is in dire need.


God bless you,




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