Monday, January 28, 2013

Mary TV Daily Reflection 1/28/2013

living rock in Medjugorje   
(c)Josip Zubac 2013
"A living Stone"




January 28, 2013

St. Thomas Aquinas


Dear Family of Mary!


"Dear children! Also today I call you to prayer. May your prayer be as strong as a living stone, until with your lives you become witnesses. Witness the beauty of your faith. I am with you and intercede before my Son for each of you. Thank you for having responded to my call."   (January 25, 2013)


With great consistency and simplicity, Our Lady calls us again to prayer. This call has been constant since June of 1981. Prayer is our life line. Prayer is our hope. Prayer is the Father's gift to us, the open line of communication He has established for us from the beginning. We have an open door with our Lord, because He never stops listening for us, never stops desiring to hear from us, never stops hoping we will speak with Him. Out of His great love, He waits for us to communicate with Him, and desires to speak to us as well. What a miracle of grace!


In the wonder of this great gift, Our Lady says something very special to us in this message. She gives us an image to help us understand the foundational importance of prayer. Franjo and Rosie Zubac offered to help those of us who are not Croatian to understand Our Lady's use of the metaphor of "a living stone". It turns out there is a meaning specific to the Croatian people.


Franjo and Rosie explain:


Hello Denis! I have just come back from filming "Tea with Rosie" and Franjo insisted I explain the words "living stone" in the Croatian language. Living stone is the name given when someone is digging for the foundation of a house. When they dig deep enough and find a strong stone which is strong enough to take the weight of the whole house, this stone is called "the living stone". So it is strong and immobile. I hope this helps you! God bless, Rosie and Franjo  



Yes indeed it helps! The "living stone" that Our Lady speaks about is that foundational stone upon which our Spiritual House can be built. It is the solid and strong base upon which all else will depend for stability. Our prayer is the foundation for everything else in our spiritual lives. If we are praying from the heart, speaking to God and listening to Him as well, we will be able to stand on our relationship with Him and not be moved. Our personal relationship with God happens through prayer. Our Lady has told us so, almost every month in her messages since she first came to Medjugorje. Prayer is the first message and the one to which she always returns.



We have to dig deep to find that living stone. Prayer must originate from deep within us, from our very hearts. Superficial prayer, prayer from our lips but not our hearts, will not stand the test of time. It will not cement us to our Creator. When the rain comes and the winds blow, we will find we are not founded on that Rock, and our house will fall! The Living Stone, who is Jesus, must be our dearest friend, our only Savior, our only love. Then our prayer will be strong.


There will be many extensions to be made from this metaphor. But for me, the Croatian understanding is perfect!


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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