Monday, January 07, 2013

Priest 84+ in prison

Deacon Giglio
Please read the letter I just received:
"Dear Pete,
Another Christmas is history - my 19th in prison! Since my siblings and friends are all dead and I am broke, I'm definitely leaning toward skipping the parole date this year and taking the automatic 5 year setback. They won't parole me anyways. My needs are cared for here and other guys are good to me. At 84+, how much longer can I have? THANK YOU very much for renewing my subscription for Magnificat - I can't be without it!
Hope you can read my arthritic writing, but I'm up at 5:30 a.m. and it's too early to type on my manual typewriter with other guys still sleeping. If people only knew how much you all do for us priests at Opus Bono! I can understand how funds are running low, after ALL the years that you have helped us. We are grateful!! May the New Year be one of much peace and good health for you, your loved ones and all who are engaged in this wonderful mission for us priests!
Gratefully in Christ,
Father Joe."
The New Year has come roaring in like a lion for us here at Opus Bono! Many priests need our help now and we would like to respond to all of them on a timely basis.
How about starting your New Year alms giving by helping Catholic priests in dire need of YOUR support?
-- To send a donation by credit card, or checking account on-line:
The need is urgent and we are most grateful for any amount you could share with these priests who are in need.
A blessed New Year to you!
-- To send a donation by check:
You can write a check to Opus Bono and send it to:
P.O. Box 663
Oxford, MI 48371
-- To send a donation by wire transfer:
Wire Transfer made out to Opus Bono, addressed to:
PNC Bank
950 Dryden Road, Metamora, MI 48455
ABA Number: 041000124
Beneficiary: Opus Bono Sacerdotii
Account number: 4244508415

Great ministry Laurie. If you go to and send them this question about incarcerated priests, perhaps they will send you a few names. Also, Fr. Gordon McRae has been in prison for over 17 years. He asks for prayers. I pray daily for him and for all priests who are in prison.!
Deacon John Giglio