Thursday, August 01, 2013

Direction For Our Times Monthly message from Anne, a lay apostle

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Direction for Our Times

We continue our cycle of monthly messages with August 2005 for our prayer groups and personal reflection.

August 1, 2005




Listen to your Saviour, My dear ones I am speaking to every soul on earth at this time. I am with you in each moment and I will never leave you. You must accept each experience in union with Me. You will have difficulties if you begin to follow Me but you have had difficulties in the past. I do not wish My apostles to believe that life without service to Me would mean life without difficulties. If the cross is weighing you down, bring it to Me. I am the expert at carrying the cross. It is understandable that you will need help with your difficulties and it is only sensible to come to the Expert for that help. This is a sensible approach to living your life and carrying your cross. Together, we will continue on. You will support Me in My mission of mercy and I will support you in everything. The benefits of service to heaven are complete. There is nothing you lack when you serve heaven because heaven knows your every need. You offer Me your day each morning. Be aware that this act is mutual. When you give Me your day, I am allowed into that day and I walk through each moment with you, flowing through you, yes, but also caring for you, alerting you to danger, and ensuring that your soul benefits from each challenge, each joy, each cross. You are not alone. I will not allow anything for you that I will not use for your ultimate holiness. Walk in joy because as an apostle serving in this troubled world, you are entitled to every heavenly protection. My gratitude to you for your friendship is not something you can measure in earthly terms. You must trust Me that my gratitude will astound you. I care for your loved ones, dear apostles. I hear your prayers and I will use a measure of my gratitude to you for the benefit of all of your intentions for other souls. There is no reason, whatever your circumstances, to lose your joy.


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