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Mary TV Daily Reflection 8/21/2013

Mother Mary    
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August 21, 2013
St. Pius X

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Also today, watching you with a heart full of love, I desire to tell you that what you persistently seek, what you long for, my little children, is before you. It is sufficient that, in a cleaned heart, you place my son in the first place, and then you will be able to see. Listen to me and permit me to lead you to this in a motherly way." (March 18, 2004, Mirjana)

This is the message I randomly pulled from my box of messages yesterday at the end of our "Daily Rosary" during our Hail Mary for those praying with us that day. What a beautiful message to receive! We had been discussing Our Lady's motherly guidance in her messages, and so this message was very meaningful! Our Lady leads us "in a motherly way." She leads us with simple and direct words, aptly chosen for the moment, so that we will derive the most light and wisdom from them. She speaks to us in our real, practical lives, with concrete advice.

In this message she reveals so much about herself. She tells us that she is watching us with a heart full of love. Don't we need to hear this! We are never too old to need her motherly attention. Her loving attention heals us from all our wounds of loneliness, rejection and sadness. Her love is a balm. Many pilgrims have reported experiencing her love in Medjugorje, and they say that it was this experience of her love that made it possible for them to convert and return to God. This heart full of love is a remedy for lost sinners, and it is for us today. (I suggest "Fruit of Medjugorje" Episode 29 and 73 as good examples of this love of our Mother.)

She tells us that she knows what we are seeking. She knows our desires. And they are all contained in one person, her Son Jesus. She really knows our desires more accurately than we do ourselves. Often what we chase after is only a counterfeit of that for which we long. We want to be loved but our earthly lovers fail us. It is Jesus who can love us perfectly. We look for success but we are never quite good enough. It is Jesus who can show us true success which is achieving heaven. We long for peace but live in a world of war. It is Jesus who provides peace by reuniting us with His Father and planting us in the true Kingdom of Peace. We long for food and clothing. It is Jesus who feeds us with His body and blood and clothes us with His salvation. We want pleasure, but the pleasure we seek ends in ruin while the pleasure Jesus offers us is eternal life in heaven.

Our Lady knows our hearts. They are a mess, compromised in every way. But she offers us the remedy. If we clean our hearts by approaching her Son in Confession, our hearts will be clean. Then we can place Jesus in the center of our hearts, and His light will shine out of our hearts like the flame in a watchman's lantern, and the light will guide us in these dark times. We will see from the light in our hearts.

Truly, Mary is our mother and she knows us very well. Her simple advice works. If we obey her we will be transformed.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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