Thursday, August 15, 2013

Global 40 Days of Prayer: Devotional: Day 10

AUGUST 15, 2013

How can you get God to listen to you?

Have you ever thought your prayers didn't make it through the roof, let alone to the throne room of God? Our heavenly Father longs to hear us pour our heart out to him.

We know that God does not listen to sinners, but if anyone is a worshipper of God and does his will, God listens to him (John 9:31 ESV).

How do we worship? Every moment of our life is worship to God; all that we say, all that we do, all that we think. Let our conversations be honouring to God. Serving those in need is worshipping God. Taking control of our thoughts is obeying God. Step up and step out, aware of the Holy Spirit's presence, power and protection. Walk in the confidence of the One who lights our path, who loves us and lives in us.

How do we do His will? Do what is right. Think good thoughts. Love God with all our heart, all our emotions and all our will. Love God by obeying Him. The Bible gives us some simple instructions: respect our parents and elders; live in unity with our brothers; love our neighbours and obey God by sharing the gospel with them. If we are honest, many of us have hurdles to overcome right here. Are all our relationships good with our family, friends and neighbours?

If not, worship God by doing something about it today. Are we looking for opportunities to share the gospel? Is Jesus such a part of our life that we can't stop talking about Him?
Father, forgive me for failing to obey you. Speak to me and show me where I need to change Thank you for my family, my friends and my neighbours. I want to love them as you love them and serve them in an attitude of worship to you.

I present my body as a living sacrifice, aware that it is holy and acceptable to you, because of all that Jesus accomplished on the cross for me. I step up and step out into the world today willing to do your will and know that I am empowered by your Holy Spirit. I give you all praise and honour, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Continue in prayer using the 4 prayer points as the Lord leads you. 

Four Prayer points:
*Pray for a worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit for revival and transformation of the nations of the world.
*Pray for a billion people to find Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.

*Pray for an end to abortion and for God to turn back the tide of death and immorality that is sweeping the nations of the world.

*Pray for a multiplication of prayer, praise and worship to God across the world as never before, to bring great glory to God.

Today's devotional courtesy of:
Carol Stubbs, Tweed Heads, Australia
Former children's worker, now married to Australian Aboriginal leader, Greg.

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