Wednesday, August 21, 2013

News on Sale: The New York Times Unloads The Boston Globe By Fr. Gordon J. MacRae


This week These Stone Walls does for the news media what the news media should be doing for all of us. Read all about it in "News for Sale: The New York Times Unloads The Boston Globe."

In 1983, The New York Times acquired The Boston Globe for $1.1 billion. This month, the Times sold the Globe to Boston Red Sox owner, John Henry for $70 million.
My friend, Michael, is 21 years old and will soon begin his third year in prison. Michael’s father is in prison in some other state, and he long ago lost all contact with his mother. He’s been helping me out with translating some of the social network lingo for which I’ve been pretty much clueless. “If you’re writing for the on-line world,” he says, “you’ll sound like a total dork if you don’t know the language.” Well, thanks Mike! I think!
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