Sunday, December 01, 2013

[December 2013] Monthly Message from Anne, a lay apostle

Direction for Our Times
We continue our cycle of monthly messages for 2013 with the message from December 1, 2005 for our prayer groups and personal reflection.
December 1, 2005 (2013)


Dear children, you were each created by the Father. He takes the greatest joy in watching your progress as you learn how to love during your time in the world. You experience difficulties in this regard but you overcome these difficulties and you grow and advance. This process of learning to love and rejecting all that is not love is the real point of your time on earth. If you were told that you would be coming to heaven soon, how would you treat the people around you? How would you view them differently if you knew that your time with them was limited? Well, little souls, I am reminding you today that your time with each of the people around you is finite. Time will pass and your time with each person will be over. If you love each person in your life, you will be at peace when your time together is finished. You will feel satisfaction in that you will know that you tried to love them, despite any difficulties that arose to make this difficult. These difficulties or obstacles to love originate from two sources. One source of difficulty comes from your failings and the other source of difficulty comes from the failings of the other soul. These difficulties, which are expected, must be overcome so that you can treat each other with the pure love that you will experience in heaven. When you find another person unlovable, remember that you will be with that soul in heaven and you will love each other perfectly there. It will greatly please and console the heavenly Father if you begin treating others this way on earth. If you had to do this alone, you would surely struggle and possibly find yourself without the forgiveness necessary to love each other as we love in heaven. But you do not proceed alone. You proceed with all of heaven and with Me, Jesus Christ. I have given you many examples of how I loved during My time on earth. Read about Me in Scripture, dear apostles, and then be gentle as I was gentle. Be kind as I was kind. Be respectful as I was respectful. Be forgiving as I was forgiving. I am with you in each moment and you may ask Me for the grace to love each person in your life. I will send you this grace and together, you and I will prepare you to love like a resident of heaven. In this process, you will find great joy. This joy is only the very beginning of My reward to you. Be at peace. Your God created you to love and He will teach you how to do this.

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