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Mary TV Daily Reflection 12/18/2013

The more little we are the more we are at the Heart of Jesus...
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December 18, 2013

Dear Family of Mary!

Today I am giving you another Christmas present!!  The second homily of Fr. Maximilian which was given on December 10, 2013 at the English Mass at St. James, Medjugorje!!
I find Father's words to be very healing and like oxygen for the soul! 

Fr. Maximilian Dalvai
December 10, 2013
Homily at St. James English Mass

A parable, and especially this parable is not meant to be taken in a passive way, to be taken into our memory as a nice teaching, but it involves us. It starts with a question, "What is your opinion?" And it makes us go on a journey. It depends on us, the outcome, because it is not clearly defined. So we have to go on a journey and ask ourselves what really is our opinion.

Think to whom Jesus spoke in His time. He spoke to shepherds, simple people of Galilee of this time. So what would they have said? "A hundred sheep! You leave the ninety-nine in dangerous mountains, in deserted mountains, and you go for one?" They would have said, "That is insane. That is foolish! You leave the ninety-nine in danger and go for the one." They probably would have said that.

What is your opinion? Leave ninety-nine for one? No way! I feel sorry for the one sheep, but the ninety-nine...that's it. Normal reason! We have to go on a journey. They would have said, "Jesus! Who is that insane pastor who would do such a thing?" He would have answered, "This pastor is God the Father. And the sheep is you." God loves each one. That is the mystery of the love of God. God loves each soul like all together. The love of God is not divided. You know, He loves you a little bit, He likes you a little bit more or a little bit less, no...Each one has the full love of God. That is difficult to understand. Because the love of God is so great!

But you see, even here on earth we have a sign, a symbol of this love. Let's just go to the sun. If you go out into the is a sunny day, thanks be to we go out and we look at the sun, and each one has the full sun. It is not that if you look at the sun, I get less. We have all the full sun! Because the sun is so great! But we have to understand that the sun is very little before the love of God. So with what a burden, with what a weight of love is He looking upon you! On each one of us!! With what eyes does God look upon each one of us! With tender eyes...the first reading speaks about the tenderness of God. And our Pope Francis continues it and invites us! We do not have a cold and distant God, a rational God, a logical! God's love to our reason is foolish. None of us would do that...we have to be honest and not say, "Oh that is nice, God, yes..." Think of it, you would not do that! We don't have such great love. But we can receive that great love! That is the more important part.

With eyes full of goodness, He follows each one of our steps. We should recognize that in our faith. Sometimes we might get the feeling, here in Medjugorje we feel it. We come and Wow! Mary is there. I feel free, and I feel everything, but what about back home, when the work is there, and heavy days come...believe it in faith, and give Jesus the joy, the consolation of your belief. In our first reading we hear consolation..."Comfort, give comfort to your people." But we should also give comfort to Jesus. How can we do that? Believe in His love. More we cannot do, but we can believe. We can abandon ourselves.

Mary said here in one message, "The greatest thing you can do is to abandon yourselves to Jesus." But this is not so easy for us. Especially because we are educated, and our mentality is formed by philosophies since centuries which teach us auto-sufficiency. The philosophy says that you are thrown into existence. And so many people feel this. Maybe some have the fortune to have certain securities like good families, and that is very important. Or to have good money, so I have money, and I am strong. Or I have good culture or good education, or good talents, whatever, but we need deeper roots. That is not enough. We can stand with these roots maybe ninety years, but then....

We need Christ as our root. He is our true root. We have to find Him in us. There lies our strength and then we can be little. We don't have to be a strong man, a strong woman, capable of everything, governing, managing the world, and going on and making a lot of disasters.

I have a friend, before I left Rome, who said to me, "Let's try to make the least amount of damage!" Because as humans we always make disasters. Let's try to make the least possible. So let's ask God to work more and more through us and with us. Let Him do it! It is His doing. We are His handiwork. And how happy He is if He can work in us and through us. But then we have to become little.

You see, the more little we are - you see the lambs are carried, the sheep are not. The sheep are guided, the shepherd feeds them and guides his flock, leading the ewes with care. Leading them, but the little ones, the lambs, he carries on his bosom, on his heart. The more little we are the more we are at the Heart of Jesus.

And so we don't have to serve a distant, stern God who looks to us with clear eyes, and so we tremble a little bit and we sing His praises more out of fear than out of love. Let's believe in the tenderness of God, again and again, believe in the forgiveness of God. It is a joy for Him to forgive. It is the greatest joy that God has, to forgive us, and as Pope Francis says, He never gets tired of forgiving. So we can always give God joy if we run into His arms trusting in His mercy and love.

May we ask Him in the Christmas time, that as He Himself becomes little, we can carry Him in our arms. Surely as Mary gives Him to us, we can take Him in our hands, into our hearts in Holy Communion. Don't be afraid of our littleness. Don't think we have to do it all by ourselves. May we learn to trust more and more in His care, His tenderness and His love. Let us serve Him, not because we are afraid. We sing His praises and that is beautiful! And it is the duty of creation to give glory to God, sure, but we should do it out of love. But if we praise Him out of fear, or because I we like it, I think it is less beautiful for the Heart of God than if we simply lean our heads on the Heart of God and rest in simple silence and in tender abandonment on His breast. I think that there He receives more glory, more comfort and joy, and He can give us more comfort and joy, than with all the things we can do for Him.

Let's first receive, and then with His grace, we can give back and enter the flow of the Trinity that God so much wants. And yes, we ask that we do not put all of ourselves in, which destroys continuously the work of God. That we can always let Him act, and He will do marvelous things. And especially He will let us experience His tender, forgiving, merciful love, so we can share it with others.

Thank you, Fr. Maximilian, for taking us under your care with these homilies.  They will help us prepare for Christmas! 

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2013

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