Friday, December 13, 2013

Rome Reports Newsletter 12/14/2013

Newsletter 14-12-2013
Pope Francis will visit the Vatican's Santa Marta Medical Center
December 13, 2013. He plans on greeting families who receive care and also with doctors and volunteers.
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Ukrainian Greek-Catholic leader pushes for ecumenism and freedom of Ukrainians
December 13, 2013. Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk leads the biggest of the Eastern Catholic Churches.
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10 phrases by Pope Francis that have changed the world
December 13, 2013. In just nine months the Pope's words have inspired millions of people.
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Secretary of State Parolin meets for first time with diplomatic corps
December 13, 2013. During his speech, Parolin recalled that the Church works towards making all of humanity a family.
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Pope's Mass: Rejecting the message because you reject the messenger doesn't make sense
December 13, 2013. T he Pope talked about preaching, and how some Christians reject the message because they reject the messenger.
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Vatican Christmas Tree lights up St. Peter's Square
December 13, 2013. Inhabitants of Waldmünchen, Bavaria, where the tree came from, took part in the ceremony.
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Pope's Mass: As any parent, God comes down to talk with his children
December 12, 2013. Pope Francis talked again about God's tenderness during his homily at Casa Santa Marta.
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Pope to Ambassadors: Stop Human Trafficking. It's a disgrace!
December 12, 2013. Pope Francis welcomed 16 non-resident ambassadors to the Vatican's Clementine Hall.
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Pope Francis decries 'financial wars' and calls on fraternity to build peace
December 12, 2013. Pope Francis said fostering brotherhood is the foundation for peace.
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