Friday, December 05, 2014

From Mark Mallett: So Why are You Afraid?


Mark Mallett

—Spiritual Food For Thought—

So Why are You Afraid?

JESUS said, “Father, they are your gift to me.” [1]
     So how does one treat a precious gift?
Jesus said, “You are my friends.” [2]
     So how does one support his friends?
Jesus said, “I love you.” [3]
     So how does one act toward his beloved?
Jesus said that He is our “brother.” [4]
     So how loyal is a brother?
Jesus calls us “his bride.” [5]
     So how does a groom adore his bride?
Jesus calls us “his body.” [6]
     So how does one care for his body?
You are the body, bride, brother, sister, beloved, friend and gift of Jesus…
     So why are you afraid?
1. John 17:24
2. John 15:14
3. John 15:12
4. Matt 12:50
5. Rev 19:7
6. Eph 5:29-30
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