Sunday, December 28, 2014

From Opus Bono Sacerdotii: A Team Member Down?

Work for the Good of the Priesthood

Deacon Giglio 
In the USA, it’s football playoff season, and God’s A team, the Holy Catholic Priesthood, is in-season 24/7 serving all of us!  But what happens when one of God’s A team members goes down?  It’s up to us to lift-up our priests and take care of them, so they can get back in the game to win souls for Christ. 
Please consider a year-end donation to care for the thousands of priests who contact Opus Bono for help.  The need is desperately urgent at this time:
Or, mail your donation to:
Opus Bono Sacerdotii
PO Box 663
Oxford, MI 48371
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Thank you!
Pete Ferrara
Co-founder and Treasurer
Opus Boon Sacerdotii
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