Saturday, February 28, 2015

From Opus Bono Sacerdotii: I just received this from Father Tim

Work for the Good of the Priesthood

Well, I was almost asleep when I recieved this desperate email from a priest, Father Tim:
"Joe, please if you can help me!  I lost another job in November because of the negative press about me on the Internet, which is all false by the way.  I am one of those numbered among the fall out from the 2002 crisis.  A longtime friend from seminary is now a bishop in another state and gave me your email address.  He said you have a good heart for helping priests and people there at the Opus Bono who may be able to help me in my current financial crisis.  This is the first time I’ve EVER had to ask for help from anyone, but I have nothing left.  It’s been ten years already since I was removed from ministry and seven years since the diocese cut me off of all financial support. 
I know it’s Lent and I should be happy to suffer, but I’m terrified that I may loose my apartment, which I will if I don’t get this rent paid.  I really have nowhere else to turn.  I’ve included my budget below for your consideration.
Father Tim
Current Checking Balance:                   $9.23 (It’s all I have to my name right now!)
SSI Deposit on February 28:             $606. 84
Rent                                                -985.00
Needed March 3rd to pay rent          $368.93
Needed first week in March:
Cricket Phone (March 5th)               $  38.69
Xcel Energy                                        94.02 (2 overdue payments plus the new one)
IRS payment arrangement                 102.00 (Total for Feb. and Mar. payments)
State tax payments                            50.00 (Total for Feb. and Mar. payments)
Other Utilities Balance Owed              38.49
Bottom Line:
March 3rd Rent:                               $368.92
Other March Expenses:                     $323.20
Total Needed for Bills:                     $692.12
If it’s possible for me to request $900 total to keep enough in my checking account for incidental expenses and groceries, I would be very grateful.  This will help me get through March and then hopefully I will be able to find work by April’s bills.  All I can give back to you is prayer.  God bless you and those who support you, you are all Good Samaritan’s to us poor priests!"
Please consider helping Father Tim now, by making a tax-deductible donatio on-line at
Or, mail your tax-deductible donation check to Opus Bono Sacerdotii, PO Box 663, Oxford, MI 48371.
If you prefer to donate by credit card over the phone, please call our offices at (313) 937-6305 USA.
As you can see, the need for Father Tim is desperately urgent!
Thank you so much for your prayers and generous, life-giving support for Father Tim!
Joe Maher
Cofounder and President
Opus Bono Sacerdotii
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St. Francis of Assisi renounces his worldly goods in a painting attributed to Giotto di Bondone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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