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Spiritual Gems-The Divine Antidote: The Flame of Love Grace, the Triumph of Mary and the New Pentecost-November 7, 2015

English: stained glass window of the Immaculat...
English: stained glass window of the Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mary, choir of Cathedral of Cordoba, Spain  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Divine Antidote: The Flame of Love Grace,  the Triumph of Mary and the New Pentecost

For today’s Gem, I am asking you to go to to sign up to read a new blog we are doing to help all Catholics (and Christians of good will) to understand and implement God’s Plan for His Mother and her Immaculate Heart, especially the Flame of Love Grace, fully approved by our Church, which God so wishes to pour out on you!  The first blog post is long…quite the opposite of what we do here!!  However, it may be one of the most important insights you will ever receive from God.  We will post each week on the Flame of Love Grace,  imitating Christ by imitating His Mother and the Triumph of Mary and the New Pentecost.  Yes, there are incredible sufferings coming to draw all closer to God, but the coming era of peace will be an extraordinary time.  St. John Paul II has called it a time of the “New and Divine Holiness” where “Christ will be the heart of the world”, because where sin abounds; Grace abounds even more!

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