Saturday, November 21, 2015

When the little girl turned 3 …

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November 21 - Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple

When the little girl turned 3 …

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On the day of the feast of the Presentation of Mary, the liturgy refers to non-canonical texts. As the Gospels do not mention the Virgin’s childhood, some unknown authors have told the story …

The most important of these texts was translated in the 16th century by the French scholar Postel, who titled it Protoevangelium (First gospel of James.) It is possibly the oldest Infancy gospel, probably composed in the 2nd century in Egypt ... (This text, presented as the work of the Apostle James the Lesser, was mentioned early on by Saint Justin (d. ca.165) in the Dialogue with Tryphon and Origen refers to it explicitly in the Commentary of St Matthew.

When the girl was three years old, Joachim said: “Call the Hebrew girls of pure descent, and let them each carry a torch.” They obeyed and went together to the Temple of the Lord. The priest greeted the child and took her in his arms. He blessed her, saying, “She has glorified thy name, O Lord, in all generations. It is in you in the last days that He will reveal the Redemption that He grants to the son of Israel!”