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The Virgin Mary brought two children back to life

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November 18 – Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira (Venezuela) – Our Lady of Alttöting

The Virgin Mary brought two children back to life

Our Lady of Alttöting, which dates from the end of the Carolingian era (10th century), is the most famous and oldest Marian shrine in Bavaria, Southern Germany.

The shrine became famous in 1489 when the first miracle occurred. A little 3-year old boy drowned in a creek, and his body was removed but a half an hour later. His mother, in tears, carried him running to the chapel. There she placed the body of her child on the altar and begged the Virgin Mary to bring him back to life. And suddenly the miracle happened—God did choose to bring the child back to life.

Shortly afterwards, a second miracle happened. This time a little 6-year old boy fell from a horse that was pulling a large cart. As it could not be stopped in time, the cart crushed the child. The child was dead and there was no hope of saving him. His parents turned to Our Lady of Altötting and prayed, and the next day the boy was alive again. Moreover, his body kept no traces of his injuries.

Before becoming Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger went to that church regularly from the age of 7 with his family, then as a seminarian, priest, teacher, Cardinal-Archbishop, and as Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith.

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