Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Rosary is God’s Plan for Victory

The daily praying of the Rosary has been repeatedly and incessantly been asked by God as THE solution to mankind’s degeneration into sin and chaos.  Do you not see this acceleration happening all around you?  Yet, less than 3% of Catholics faithfully pray it every day!  How can this be?  How can we continue to ignore God’s only solution?  Is this not complete folly on the part of the Catholic faithful?  Why the Rosary?  Because God in His infinite wisdom has said so!  First, as a test of our Faith and second because it is the school…the family of God where we best ”contemplate the Face of Christ” outside of Holy Mass;  and it is where we best learn to imitate Christ by imitating the perfect model of Christ…His Mother!  The Rosary forces us to confront our pride as we look upon the meekness and suffering of Christ and His Mother in the mysteries.  The Rosary allows us to “see with the eyes of the soul” how much God loved us and still does!  Pick up your Rosary today and begin or recommit to it!  Read all you can about how to pray it well.  Your reward in Heaven will be great!  Let us ignore God no longer!

A.P. Marcus


You can receive complimentary materials to make your Consecration to God through Mary’s Immaculate Heart ( important spiritual protection at this time in salvation history) at where you can also learn about Our Lady of Las Lajas.

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