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Mary TV Daily Reflection 11/20/2012

Adoration at St. James Medjugorje 2010

  All night Adoration at St. James! 

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November 20, 2012


Dear Family of Mary!


"Dear children! I call you to work on your personal conversion. You are still far from meeting with God in your heart. Therefore, spend all the more time in prayer and Adoration of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, for Him to change you and to put into your hearts a living faith and a desire for eternal life. Everything is passing, little children, only God is not passing. I am with you and I encourage you with love. Thank you for having responded to my call." (March 25, 2008)


Marija spoke from her heart at Notre Dame on November 15, 2012. She shared some of her early experiences with Our Lady, especially about how Our Lady taught the visionaries to pray, confess, fast and Adore Jesus. Here is another excerpt from her talk. (Remember that she spoke in English for the first time! I tried to stay true to her words, but fill in a few gaps.)


One day she appeared two times. This was not normal. We called all the people who were our neighbors, our friends, our friends from school, to come one evening, and we said that Our Lady would give a special message. We prayed for Our Lady's intentions, and we awaited the moment of apparition, and Our Lady came. She said to us to come near to her. It was possible to touch her. And we said to Our Lady, "This is impossible, impossible...because only we 6 children see you. The other people don't see you. It is impossible to touch." And Our Lady said,"You help the people to come near to me. You help them to touch me." And so everyone touched Our Lady who was present with us. And some felt heat, other felt freezing cold. Others smelled roses. Others felt they touched electricity. But all believed that Our Lady was present there. But during the moment of apparition when the people touched Our Lady we saw Our Lady's dress become dirty. And we began to cry and we asked Our Lady, "For what reason is your dress so dirty??" Our Lady said it was because of their sin. And so we asked our Lady, "How is it possible to clean your dress?" And Our Lady asked us to go to confession, and to choose the way of holiness. The day after that not one of us would make the dress of Our Lady dirty. And we all went for confession. We told Father Jozo, our parish priest, and all the other priests that we would like to take the way of holiness. And we would like to be a joy for Our Lady and Jesus. And from this day we really tried to grow.


Our Lady began to give messages for the parish of Medjugorje. Every week Our Lady gave a message, and she asked from us fasting. She said, "With prayer and fasting also war can be stopped." In the beginning it was difficult to fast because we were not used to it. But slowly, slowly, we made the fast with joy, because we thought that if Our Lady asked it of us she knew the reason. So we began to fast, we began to pray...She asked us to make the "Via Crucis," the Way of the Cross. So on Apparition Hill we would go pray the Rosary and on another hill, Cross Hill, we put the Stations of the Cross, the life of Jesus. And we made the Way of the Cross and we prayed. And we gave for Our Lady's intentions all our little sacrifices, the little flowers that we gave every day, the little fasting. And Our Lady used us. We were every day happy to do what she asked of us, to say yes.


And I remember that Our Lady asked us to pray for young people. We were young people. And so we answered with joy, we said to Our Lady, 'yes'. There were many young people who went to the disco-tech. So when these people would go to the disco-tech, we would go to the church for Adoration, to make reparation for all sin. And I remember our first experience of Adoration during the whole night. This is something I would never forget. We prayed with joy from 10:00 o'clock in the evening. We sang and we prayed the Rosary and we stayed in meditation, and we adored the Holy Eucharist. When it was 2:30 or 3:00 at night we were so tired! And many times we dreamed and our heads went down and we began to snore! Because we were too tired! We could see how strong our will was, and how difficult it was for our body, and we began to sleep. Our Lady had asked us to put the Holy Scripture in a visible place in our home and to read it. And many times it was 1:00 am and someone was going to sleep we would say, "He goes into deep meditation. Don't say he is sleeping and snoring!"


Many times we were really happy to be instruments of God. So when Our Lady asked us to pray all night I remember we used Holy Scripture which we read in moments of difficulty when our bodies were tired, we sang and prayed and read a Psalm. And then we would see it was 5:00 o'clock in the morning. In our hearts we began to say, "Thank you Jesus, because one night of my life I gave to prayer." And I remember the deep joy in my heart. I would go with all my heart to young people and say, "Come with us, come to Adoration! Because it is an amazing experience!" And every day in greater numbers, young people would pray with us. (Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti. University of Notre Dame, November 15, 2012)


Amazing! Marija speaks from the deep experience of Our Lady in these early days, when the visionaries were being led on an adventure in prayer by Our Lady. They were given the joy of the Rosary, of Confession, the Way of the Cross, of fasting, and of Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Each step of the way, Our Lady was with them, guiding them, teaching them, helping them to dive deeply into the grace of the Sacraments and Prayer. She did it in such a real way, that these young people could relate to it all.


Marija's conviction is riveting. We knew she was speaking the truth as she had lived it in Medjugorje! This discovery of prayer and grace is now radiated throughout the whole world. This is the school of Our Lady. And we can all enter it.


Thank you, Lord, for sending Our Mother to bring us back to You.


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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