Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Pastor, Fr. Marinko Sakota, confirmed by the local bishop, Msgr. Ratko Peric for Medjugorje Parish

Local-born becomes new parish priest

By Jakob Marschner on Nov 10, 2012

Large number followed parish priest Fr. Petar Vlasic to the grave on November 9. His successor will be Fr. Marinko Sakota, born only five kilometers away from Medjugorje, fluent in German, good in English, and the author of a book about the Medjugorje legend Fr. Slavko Barbaric.

About 40 priests and most of Medjugorje’s local population following Fr. Petar Vlasic to the grave on Friday. Photo:

Parishioners in Medjugorje paid tribute and said a last goodbye to their late parish priest Fr. Petar Vlasic on Friday when thousands followed him to the grave on the cemetery behind St. James Church.

The funeral Mass was presided over by Bishop Ratko Peric of Mostar, concelebrated with sermon by Franciscan Provincial Fr. Ivan Sesar, and further concelebrated by about 40 priests.

marinko saktota medjugorje parish priest november 2012

Fr. Marinko Sakota addressing an audience

74 years old Fr. Petar Vlasic will be succeeded as parish priest by 44 years old Fr. Marinko Sakota who has been in Medjugorje as associate pastor since September 2010.

Following standard procedure, Fr. Marinko was suggested by the local Franciscan provincial, and his appointment was agreed to by Bishop Peric, the official parish website confirms.

burial funeral fr petar vlasic medjugorje november 9 2012

Mourning Franciscans: To the right of the coffin, Provincial Fr. Ivan Sesar and Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic. To the left, Fr. Miljenko Steko ahead of Fr. Danko Perutina

With Fr. Marinko, Medjugorje gets a parish priest who comes close to being born in the village. He hails from Citluk, five kilometres away. Due to studies in Germany and subsequent service as a priest in both Germany and Austria, he is fluent in German, and further speaks a good English. He has seven years of previous experience as parish priest, from nearby Gradnici.

marinko sakota medjugorje priest

Fr. Marinko Sakota

Fr. Marinko Sakota is also the author of the book “Live with the Heart – the Life and Works of Fr. Slavko Barbaric”. Published in 2006, the spiritual biography of the late legendary Medjugorje priest was well received, not only for containing many photos that had not been published before.

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