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Mary TV Daily Reflection 11/29/2012

Confession in Medjugorje       

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Confession in Medjugorje  



November 29, 2012


Dear Family of Mary!


"Dear children! In this time of grace, I call all of you to renew prayer. Open yourselves to Holy Confession so that each of you may accept my call with the whole heart. I am with you and I protect you from the ruin of sin, but you must open yourselves to the way of conversion and holiness, that your heart may burn out of love for God. Give Him time and He will give Himself to you and thus, in the will of God you will discover the love and the joy of living. Thank you for having responded to my call." (November 25, 2012)


Many of you have responded to Olga's remarkable story of her journey to the Sacrament of Confession. Wow! Thank you, Olga!  


I also want to share an email I received from Marie, in France, who sent me her experience of Confession in Medjugorje, and how it has changed her life. Marie writes:


Dear Cathy,

What a message, what a message!

It goes to my heart as a secret deep inside,

because I had the grace of being so ill in my heart that Confession was such a present, such a gift to me. A sacrament of healing of the heart.


I remember my Confession in Medjugorje in 2000.

I met an English priest because there was too long of a queue in the other lines.

I can't remember the words I said, but it all turned around me and my father.

I can't talk about it today without tears in my eyes.

Confession sets us free, Confession brings our hearts to open again to God's love.

Confession sets us free from our jails.

It's a grace. You may not have the will nor the desire to forgive, but it's God's desire.

It's God's will of love and mercy.

And it's His grace.


You cannot change by yourself,

but with Confession it's God's hand that takes it all

and makes the impossible become possible in your life.


From that Holy Confession I will never forget...

Something new started in my heart and I could greet again, drop by drop, love from first my Mother Mary, from Jesus, from God, then from the others.

My relation to my father started anew as a grace through prayer

I could bless him again, I could pray for him and offer him to Jesus so that all the evil I had caused would be offered and only God could give consolation to my father and to me.


Oh holy grace of Confession!

I am stuck to it!


Mother Mary said "There is no heart who doesn't need to go to Confession once a month."

That is something.

Most times I will go without knowing exactly what I will say.

I pray before, I ask Mother Mary to help me.

I ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten my heart.


I have seen many priests, and how many times I have been told after confession:

"You don't need Confession." And I know in my heart that is wrong.

I bless the priest and pray he may understand the gift of Confession to my heart.

Going to Confession is like starting anew.

Going to Confession is offering to Jesus all that impedes His Love, all that impedes our hearts from love, all that becomes cold.

It sets us anew in the good direction.


I go to Confession because I am created to love my God and my Saviour, to live in His love. Can I say I daily live out of His grace, that I am a reflection of His beauty, His love and mercy?  Can I say I am fully full of his love and mercy?


Confession is not only for very big sins, it's for our daily lives.

I have never committed a murder or adultery,

but with my thoughts, with my own will, how many times have I, a poor sinner,

killed a relation, killed a hope, destroyed a good word or anything else...

Confession is for ordinary people, Confession is for poor people.

Confession is for me because I know how much God loves me and how much I am far from reflecting His love and from trusting Him.


I give thanks to Mother Mary for this beautiful message.

I give thanks to Jesus for His love and mercy Who can heal and save our poor hearts.

And I pray that shy hearts will find the courage to go to Confession, led by our so loving Mother.


Jesus I trust in you!

In French, thank you is said "MERCI" and in English there is the word "MERCY"...

those words MERCI AND MERCY are the most beautiful words in the heart!




Praying with you, dear Cathy and Denis,



The sweetness of the grace of Confession flows from Marie's words. May we all fall in love with the God who has given us Confession. He is truly a loving God!


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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