Thursday, November 15, 2012

“The Virgin Mary said that she will pray for Lebanon"

12,000 welcome Ivan in Lebanon

By Jakob Marschner on Nov 15, 2012

Some had slept outside The Patriarchal Edifice of Bkerke when Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic opened his four days tour of Lebanon on November 15. The Virgin Mary asked attendees to pray for peace. Ivan’s apparitions in the next three days can be followed live on web-tv.

medjugorje seer visionary ivan dragicevic apparition bkerke lebanon november 15 2012

Two attendees awaiting the arrangement in Bkerke to begin

Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic was far from left alone on Thursday when his four day visit to Lebanon began. In Bkerke, 12,000 people started to arrive at The Patriarchal Edifice several hours before the event began at 6 pm local time, some having even slept outside the night before.

“I am on my way to Bkerke to see Ivan. You cannot believe, there is no place to park from Jounieh to Bkerke, many cars, buses, people are so excited, and all are wearing the rosary” attendee Mary Jabre reported to Medjugorje Today.

medjugorje visionary seer ivan dragicevic apparition bkerke lebanon november 15 2012

The Patriarchal Edifice in Bkerke during Ivan’s visit

“12,000 chairs where there, and everyone was seated, so there was 12,000 people, sure as I saw” Mary Jabre told us after the event.

“The Virgin Mary said that she will pray for Lebanon and for the Lebanese. She said she gave her blessing to the Patriarch, and she blessed everyone. She thanked everyone for praying with her, and she asked to pray for peace and said that she is always with us.”

medjugorje seer visionary ivan dragicevic apparition veggente apparizione bkerke lebanon november novembre 15 2012

The altar where Ivan had his apparition in Bkerke

“Ivan said that Mary was very much happy during the apparition. She asked for peace and thanked her children. As a Lebanese I believe that is a very good sign” Paulette Maroun reports from Lebanon.

“People’s faith is growing more and more in their hearts, people were happy, clapping hands praying chanting even though they were freezing. Everyone was so happy” Mary Jabre reports.

Lasting just about five minutes, Ivan’s apparition took place on an altar under a massive dome of stained glass. Five giant screens were in place. After the apparition Maronite Cardinal Beshara Boutros El-Rahi, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, arrived to preside over the subsequent Mass and Eucharistic Adoration.

While praying specifically over all the attending priests, the Virgin Mary paid special attention to the Patriarch:

medjugorje visionary seer veggente ivan dragicevic visit lebanon bkerke apparition apparizione november 15 2012

Part of the 12,000 attendees in Bkerke, Lebanon

“Ivan said that she came so close to the Patriarch and prayed over him in a special way” Paulette Maroun reports.

Ivan’s next three arrangements in Lebanon on November 16-18 will be transmitted live by Tele Lumiere, beginning at 6 pm local time (4 pm GMT, 11 am EST).

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