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Mary TV: November 8, 2012 Reflection


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Prayer, a joyful meeting! 



November 8, 2012


Dear Family of Mary!


During prayer with our Mary TV team, I pulled a message from our message box, in order to let Our Lady share something with us. Here is that message! I feel that it is timely for all of us, especially on the heels of the American election, which has cast a pall over so many of us. This message was given during the Balkan war that engulfed Medjugorje and all of Bosnia-Hercegovina. Note Our Lady's desire for joy:


"Dear children! Today also I invite you to prayer, a prayer of joy so that in these sad days no one amongst you may feel sadness in prayer, but a joyful meeting with God his Creator. Pray, little children, to be able to come closer to me and to feel through prayer what it is I desire from you. I am with you and each day I bless you with my maternal blessing so that Our Lord may fill you abundantly with His grace for your daily life. Give thanks to God for the grace of my being able to be with you because I assure you it is a great grace. Thank you for having responded to my call." (July 25, 1992)


Our Lady was not about to let her children remain in fear and anxiety, even with the war. She wanted them to find peace and joy in the presence of God, no matter what was happening. She remained with the people of Medjugorje during that war, and protected them with her motherly mantle.


We can expect the same care and protection today. Our Lady wants us to meet God in prayer, to pray with our hearts so that we will be filled with joy. Joy is our strength. We are the Redeemed. We have everything to be joyful about! And on top of that, we have Our Lady with us, each day giving us her maternal blessing. We are the most blessed of people!


I also want to encourage all of you to watch Fruit of Medjugorje tonight at 8:00 pm EST at . Tonight we will hear the testimony of Fr.Romain Ragua, a priest from Rwanda who was in Medjugorje last week. He speaks about his life in Rwanda, his experience of the apparitions of Our Lady at Kibeho, and then the terrible sufferings that he and his country endured in the genocide of 1994. At the end of his testimony, he shares that he feels the very same motherly presence and love in Medjugorje that he felt in Kibeho. Our Lady, he says, is coming to lead us to her Son, and to show us how to love one another, to be one family. You will want to hear his testimony, and I think it fits with this message from July 25, 1992.


We are invited to prayer, a prayer of joy! May we respond to Our Lady's call, and live that joy through love.


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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P.S. Don't forget that Marija Pavlovic Lunetti will be speaking at the JACC arena at the University of Notre Dame on November 15, 2012, at 6:00 pm EST! She will also encounter Our Lady during the event. Mary TV will stream the event, live, at . All are invited!! Tell your friends!! Come to the JACC, or join at !!!!


PPS.  November 16-18, 2012 Marija will be present at the Northern California Marian Conference in Sacramento California!  She will speak, share her apparition, and answer questions.  There are many other speakers lined up for this conference.  I will speak on Saturday morning on the Messages of Medjugorje, a way of life!  I would love to see any of you who can make it.   


Conference Info:  Woodlake Inn, 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, CA  95815

916-686-6354 for information.


See you there!