Friday, November 09, 2012

Habitat for Humanity for Priests


"Sometimes it feels a little bit like we're Habitat for Humanity for priests." Opus Bono's president Joe Maher said. "People don't realize the extent to which Catholic priests are alone and hurting and they don't all have the ability to take care of the poor homes they are living in. Winter can be very cruel and life-threatening to a sick or elderly priest in a broken down 'shack'. We have to make sure they're warm and safe, and that sometimes means a lot of back-breaking physical labor for our staff. We'll do whatever we have to do for a Catholic priest."



Deacon:  we literally have dozens of Catholic priests in dire need waiting in line for our support. The need is so urgent right now. Please, please consider making a donation now to help these poor suffering priests at the link below:


On behalf of the thousands of priests that have contacted us for help, I thank you!


May Our Lady of Priests be your health and your protection...