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Mary TV Daily Reflection 2/17/2014

   To be open for a blessing... 
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February 17, 2014
The Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order

Dear Family of Mary!

"...My children, by means of a blessing, God's grace will descend upon you and you will be able to retain it through fasting, prayer, purification and reconciliation..." (February 2, 2014)

Our Lady speaks here of a blessing that will descend upon us. This blessing comes to us only if we are open to it. And our being open to it is itself a grace from God, as Our Lady said earlier in this message: "I desire that, by the grace of God, you be open for a blessing." According to Our Lady, God wants to pour out His blessing upon us, and so He wants to give us the initial grace of openness to His blessing.

This all makes me a little dizzy. But if we think about it long enough, it makes sense. God wants to bless us. He knows that the blessing will be like water off a duck's back, if we are not open to receive it. And so He wants to bless us first with the desire to be blessed by Him. That desire is our openness to His blessing. Through our desire to be blessed by God we will look for that blessing. That is why many of us travel to Medjugorje! Pilgrimages are expressions of our desire for a blessing from God. We make the sacrifice of the pilgrimage in order to show to God that we are open to His blessing and to show ourselves that we need that blessing.

Anyway, we still have to receive the grace to be open. And so that is why Our Lady is coming, I think. She is among us to tell us that God exists, and that He wants to bless us. He wants to open our hearts up and pour into them His Holy Spirit, so that we will become united with Him, and carry His Son, Jesus, into the world. The Father wants to bless us and Our Lady is here to tell us so!

Our Lady continues to say that when we receive this blessing, this anointing of the Holy Spirit, we will have to work to retain it. We will have to fast, pray, purify ourselves and especially make use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so that this anointing remains in us and grows. We can receive blessings and lose them. I think of King Solomon in this regard. King Solomon received a mighty blessing from God, the blessing of wisdom. But through his sin, his lust, his desire for power and wealth, he lost that blessing and died the most unwise of men. It takes a great deal of work to retain a blessing. We have to be vigilant, examining our consciences and denying our fleshly desires so that the blessing not only is retained, but grows!

This is why Our Lady's main messages are so powerful. They present for us a program for retaining the grace of God!! They safe-guard our souls and keep us close to our original call. They give us a framework for holiness that helps us to stay pure and open to God's blessing.

I am so amazed at Our Lady! She is providing everything for us so that we can be her apostles in these most decisive and difficult days. Let's not lose our blessing from God. Let's stay close to the Gospa and allow her to focus us upon the Lord, His blessings and His love.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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