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Mary TV Daily Reflection November 19, 2014 - Ivan's witness at St. Stephens

Ivan Dragicevic witnesses at St. Stephen's - 11/15/14
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November 19, 2014 

Dear Family of Mary!

The Visionary Ivan Dragicevic shared what he has learned from Our Lady over the past 33 years in a talk given at St. Stephen's Cathedral on November 15, 2014, at the Evening of prayer for peace. It was a talk filled with exuberant love for Our Lady. You can see that love on Ivan's face, as he shares the beautiful things Our Lady has said to him over the years. It seems that Ivan's words and Our Lady's words just flow in and out of each other, like two streams of joy coming from the Father's heart.

I always learn something new from Ivan. Here is the transcript of his talk!

Ivan Dragicevic speaks at St. Stephens Cathedral, Vienna, on November 15, 2014: 

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Your Eminence, Cardinal Schönborn, my dear priests, my dear friends in Christ...At the beginning of this meeting I would like to greet you from the bottom of my heart and I am really joyful to be here today, to be able to share with you the most important things that Our Lady has given in the last 33 years. One of the first messages that Our Lady gave us at the beginning of the apparitions is "Dear children, I am coming to you because I want to tell you that God does exist. Decide for God. Put God in the first place in your lives. Put God in your families in the first place, and together with Him walk towards the future. Leave the transience of this world, and let God be in the first place."

Out of these words you can see what is the greatest desire for Our Lady. God has to be in the first place. I know that many of you who are here today, have come here tired. Tired of this world. Of the way of life that has been put upon us. Many of you have come, hungry. Hungry for peace. Hungry for love. And most of all, hungry for God. We have come here to have rest in Him. We have come here to find peace in God. Because He is our peace. Because He is our joy. He is our life.

For the last 33 years Our Lady has been guiding us. She leads us to Jesus. She is leading us to the source. Our Lady wants to tell us "Come to me all of you who are burdened and tired, I will give you rest. I will give you the strength." Mother prays for us. She carries us all in her heart. She is interceding for each one of us to her Son.

In one of her messages she said, "Dear children, if you knew how much I love you, you would cry for joy!" That is how great the love of our Mother is. We are in her school. In the school of love. In the school of prayer. She is teaching us, she is the Mother/Teacher. She is leading us in her pasture. She says in one of her messages, "Dear children, my Son has allowed me to stay so long with you, because He wants me to lead you. Because I want to help you, to show you all what is not good for you."

Isn't this world that we live in today at a crossroad? When I say crossroad I am thinking in the first place will we take the way of secularity? Or will we go on the way of encounter with God? Our Lady is leading us on that way. She wants us to decide for God. She is giving us her motherly hand and she wants to lead us on the way of hope. She wants to bring hope to today's world that has no hope. Hope to the family. Hope to young people. Hope to the Church. She wants to tell us "Dear children, this world has a future, but under one condition, you have to turn back to God. You have to return to God. You have to go back to the source. Dear children, today's world cannot give you peace. The peace that today's world gives you, you will be sorely disappointed in. The only peace is in God. Open to the gift of peace. Pray for the gift of peace. For your own sake."

My dear friends, for the last 33 years, in the school of the Mother, in the school of love, this is a great, great gift. A great gift but also a great responsibility. Our Lady is teaching us. She is giving us the messages. She wants us to accept the messages and to live them.   What are the most important messages that Our Lady invites us to. I would like especially to separate the most important messages: peace, conversion, to pray with the heart, penance, fasting, firm faith, love, forgiveness, Eucharist, the reading of Holy Scripture, monthly confession and the message of hope. So you see that through these messages Our Lady has been leading us.

At the beginning of the apparitions, in 1981, Our Lady introduced herself, "I am the Queen of Peace. I am coming, dear children, because my Son is sending me to help you. Peace, peace, peace! Peace must reign between God and man and between all men. My children this world is in danger of self-destruction. Your Mother is coming from the King of Peace. Who can know better than a mother, how much peace is needed for today's tired mankind. How much peace for today's families, for today's young people. How much peace in man's heart. If man has no peace with himself, if there is no peace in the family, then there cannot be peace in the world. Therefore dear children, open yourselves for the gift of peace. Pray for the gift of peace."

Mother is coming to us, she comes as the mother of the Church. She wants to strengthen us. She wants to give us power. She wants to wake us up in our faith. And she says, "Dear children, if you are strong, the Church will be strong. If you are weak the Church will be weak as well. You are my living church. You are the lungs of my church. That is why I am inviting you to bring prayer in the family. May each family become a chapel where there is prayer. Dear children there is no living Church without living families."

Today's family is bleeding. We cannot accept that today's world and society is healed if the family is not healed. Today's family is spiritually sick. And the mother is coming to us and bringing to us a divine cure, a cure to us in our pain. She wants to cure our wounds. She wants to bind our wounds with so much love, with so much tenderness and motherly warmth. She wants to lead us to her Son. He is our peace.

In one of her messages Our Lady says, "Dear children, today more than ever, mankind and the world is passing through a most difficult crisis. And the biggest crisis today is in faith in God, because you have distanced yourselves from God, from prayer. Dear children, today's world is walking towards the future without God." Today's world is not in an economic recession. Today's world and mankind are in a spiritual recession, because every spiritual recession generates all the other recessions. And the Mother is coming to us. She is inviting us so much to prayer. Today prayer has disappeared from families. In a special way Our Lady is inviting all families to renew family prayer.

Today there is not time in the families for one another. Parents don't have time for children, children don't have time for parents. Fathers don't have time for mothers. Mothers don't have time for fathers. There is no fidelity in marriages. The morality is falling apart. So many broken and tired families. Love has disappeared from our families. And the Mother is inviting us to turn back to prayer. To start praying, and in that way the family would be healed.

Many times today we ask ourselves, many ask the question, "Why is Our Lady coming for so long?" Our Lady is coming so long, she has spoken so much, she has repeated, and nothing new..." Yes, Mother repeats. Every mother needs to repeat. Mother needs to repeat in order that the children do not forget. There is not a mother in the world who has said one thing and not had to repeat it again. Every mother has to repeat. It is the same with Our Lady towards us.

But many people say "But we have the Bible, we have the Sacraments, we have the Church...Why is Our Lady coming so long?" Yes, we do have the Bible, we do have the Sacraments, but Our Lady is asking us, "Dear children, all that you have, do you live it?" Our Lady is inviting us to start living all that we have. And Our Lady says, "Dear children, No do not talk about peace, start living peace. Do not talk about prayer, start living prayer. Dear children speak less and act more." In that way we will change the world. So we will start to change our families.

Our Lady didn't come to us to bring us fear, or to punish us, or to tell us about the end of the world. Our Lady didn't come to talk to us about the Second Coming of Jesus. She is coming to us as the Mother of Hope. And in a special way Our Lady is inviting us to Holy Mass, as the center of our life. During one apparition Our Lady said to us six visionaries, "Dear children, if you would have to decide tomorrow whether to come to me and meet with me or go to Holy Mass, no, do not come to me. Go to Holy Mass. Going to Holy Mass means to go to be with Jesus who is surrendering Himself in the Holy Mass. To encounter Jesus in Holy Mass, and to receive Him.

Our Lady is inviting us to confession, to adoration of the Holy Cross. In a special way Our Lady is inviting the priests to start organizing Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in their parishes. Our Lady is inviting us to the prayer of the Rosary in our families, to the reading of Holy Scripture in our families, and in one of her messages she said, "Dear children, let the Bible be in a visible place in your families. Read the Holy Scripture, that by reading the Holy Scripture Jesus may be reborn in your hearts."

Forgive each other, love each other. Our Lady is inviting us so much to forgiveness. To forgive yourself. To forgive others. In that way to open the way for the Holy Spirit to come to our hearts. Without forgiving others, we cannot be healed, not physically, not spiritually, and not emotionally. We have to know how to forgive. But that our forgiveness would become holy, that our forgiveness would be complete, Our Lady is inviting to pray with the heart.

So many times Our Lady has said, "Pray, pray, pray, my dear children. Not to pray with the lips. Not to pray and then to look at the clock to see when prayer will be over. To pray with the heart means to make time for God. To pray with the heart means to pray out of love and with love. To pray with our entire being." That our prayer becomes an encounter with Jesus. That our prayer becomes joy. So that we leave the prayer with our heart full of joy and love. "May prayer become joy for you," Our Lady said. "Dear children, the one who prays has no fear of the future."

And Our Lady said, "Dear children if you want to attend the school of prayer, then you need to know that in the school of prayer there are no weekends and no free days. Every day we need to attend the school of prayer. Dear children, if you want to pray better, then you always have to pray more. To pray more is always a personal decision, but to pray better is grace, a grace given to those who pray more."

Many times we do say, I don't have time for prayer. But Our Lady says, "No, dear children, the time is not the problem, the problem is love. Because dear children, when man loves something there is always time for it. But if he doesn't love something, there is never time for it." So you can see that if we love prayer we will have time for it.

And Our Lady is leading us with that love. She is waking us up for all these years from spiritual death. She wants to strengthen us in our faith and prayer. Let us hear the message Our Lady has given in the last month.

October 25, 2014
"Dear children! Pray in this time of grace and seek the intercession of all the saints who are already in the light. From day to day may they be an example and encouragement to you on the way of your conversion. Little children, be aware that your life is short and passing. Therefore, yearn for eternity and keep preparing your hearts in prayer. I am with you and intercede before my Son for each of you, especially for those who have consecrated themselves to me and to my Son.   Thank you for having responded to my call."

I hope we will respond to Our Lady's call. That we will become co-creators of a better world and that we will pray for Our Lady's plans for the world. I hope that all of us here have planted a good seed. I hope that that seed will fall on good ground and bear good fruit. Therefore let us be responsible and let us responsibly accept all that our Lady invites us to. Let us pray together for the evangelization of today's world and families. Let us pray together with her for vocations in the Church. Let us all become today a living sign. Let us not search for visible signs, to see or feel something and so say, I saw so I believe. Our Lady is asking for all of us today to become living signs, signs of living faith. My dear children, let it be so. Thank you.

Thank you, dear Ivan, for being Our Lady's faithful witness for 33 years and counting! We are so grateful to you for sharing Our Lady's words with us, and for communicating to us the great love and beauty of Our Lady. She is the star we are following, with your help!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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