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Mary TV Daily Reflection 6/21/2014 - Novena to Our Lady, Queen of Peace Day 7


Jelena Vasilj speaks at the Youth Festival 

June 21, 2014
Novena to Our Lady, Queen of Peace Day 7

Dear Family of Mary!

To Jelena: 

"I have come to tell the world that God is truth; He exists."

"True happiness and the fullness of life are in Him. I have come here as Queen of Peace to tell the world that peace is necessary for the salvation of the world. In God, one finds true joy from which true peace if derived."

Jelena Vasilj, Saturday, May 14, 2011    
We are very simple people coming from a very simple place like Medjugorje in a very simple country. At the point when Our Lady began appearing, we were also a very poor country. Poor, materially. We were living in communism that was in a way not allowing the country to grow. But the country was growing spiritually. There was a lot of faith. The Faith was really all we had in our country. This was what Our Lady said when she first came, "I came here because of the faith of the people."

This faith did cost a lot for the people of Medjugorje. We also had martyrs in our village, people giving their lives for God. Not very far from Medjugorje, about 40 kilometers, there were also 14 Franciscan priests who were martyred after World War II, killed and burned up because of their faith. And this was going on through different decades. Simply, the faith was not allowed. Through school the communists were trying to convince us that God didn't exist and that God was only for the weak, but I remember as a child, still before the apparitions, how important the faith was for us. How sacred prayer was. We were praying every morning. Really the faith was the most beautiful gift that we cherished in our families. And what is also incredible about Medjugorje, there were many vocations even before the apparitions. Almost every family had either a priest or a nun, and these consecrated people were really great instruments in preserving the faith in the people.

So Our Lady had a certain terrain on which she could pour out the graces she came with when she appeared. Of course, no one was expecting the apparitions, but I must say that when the apparitions began, it wasn't difficult for them to accept the grace. Everyone accepted this gift. And I remember as a child, the second day of the apparitions, for those of you who have been on the hill, the hill was full. There were already on the second day ten thousand people. The visionaries were not there yet, we were all waiting for them. And we would see them just flying up the hill, drawn by the interior force or the interior love, running to see Our Lady. Now when you see the hill today, it is all cleared out because so many people have walked, but at that time the hill was really unreachable, because of all the bushes around, it was very hard to walk, so to see the visionaries drawn by this interior force, it was already a sign for us that they were encountering something incredible. So the first days were full of enthusiasm. People were seeing many signs and people were starting to convert and to listen to what Our Lady was saying.
On the first day, she gave her program to the people, which was "peace". Marija had a second apparition while she was coming down the hill and she said that Our Lady said, "Peace, peace, peace. Only peace can bring true happiness to humankind." So Our Lady didn't really say anything new, but as a mother because she loves us so greatly, she is not happy to be alone locked up in heaven, but she wants to be very close and especially present to her children in these difficult times. Although the answers to happiness are very simple, she knows that we are always tempted to forget them, so that is why she stands right by us, just like any other mother would. How many times, we as mothers know that we have to repeat very simple things to our children, and although they are very simple and very easy to understand, they are very difficult to do. (Jelena Vasilj - Speaking at the Notre Dame Conference in 2011)

Jelena tells us that the answers to happiness are very simple. And Our Lady comes, simply, to show us those answers. They are faith, joy, peace, love, and all the virtues. She is with us and will stay with us to ensure we grasp these answers!

Let us pray:

Prayer to the Queen of Peace
Mary, Mother of God and Our Mother, Queen of Peace!
You came to us to lead us to God.
Obtain for us the grace
not only to say:
"Be it done to me according to Your will!",
but to live it, as You did.
Into Your hands we put our hands,
so that You may lead us to Him
amidst these afflictions and woes.
Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Creed, 7 Our Fathers, 7 Hail Marys, 7 Glory Bes....

Veni Creator Spiritus - Come Holy Spirit
Come Holy Spirit, Creator, come
best gift of God above,
the living spring, the living fire,
sweet unction and true love.

Thou Who are called the Paraclete,
from Thy bright heavenly throne,
come, take possession of our souls,
and make them all Thine own.
Thou who are sevenfold in Thy grace,
finger of God's right hand,
His promise, teaching little ones
to speak and understand.

O guide our minds with Thy blest light,
with love our hearts inflame;
and with Thy strength, which never decays,
confirm our mortal frame.

Far from us drive our deadly foe,
true peace unto us bring,
and through all perils lead us safe
beneath Thy sacred wing.
Through Thee may we the Father know,
through Thee the eternal Son,
and Thee the Spirit of them both,
thrice-blessed Three in One.

All glory to the Father be,
with his co-equal Son:
the same to Thee, great Paraclete,
while endless ages run. Amen.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful, and enkindle in them the fire of Your love.
- Send forth Your Spirit and they shall be created.
- And You shall renew the face of the earth.

Let us pray: God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit did instruct the hearts of thy faithful, grant that by that same Spirit we may be always truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Let us pray the Rosary!!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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