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An incredible change overcame her - A Moment with Mary

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July 9 – Our Lady of Itati (Argentina) – Our Lady of Chiquinquira (Colombia)

An incredible change overcame her

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Itatí is a city in the province of Corrientes, Argentina. It was in this small town that the imposing Basilica of Our Lady of Itatí was built in 1938, in honor of the Virgin Mary.

The cult of the Virgin of Itatí dates back to the 16th century, when the Jesuit missionary Luis Bolaños and the natives he had converted were saved from an Indian attack thanks to the intervention of the Virgin. A breach formed on the Yaguari river, making the Itatí Mission safe from the attackers who decided to withdraw.

The Virgin of Itatí is known for her transfigurations, the first of which took place during Holy Week of 1624 and lasted several days. According to Fray Luis de Gamarra, "there was an extraordinary change on her face; she was more beautiful than ever before."

The image of the Virgin of Itatí was crowned on July 16, 1900, at the request of Pope Leo XIII. The largest pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Itatí takes place on July 9, the same day that celebrates the independence of Argentina in 1816.
Pope Leo XIII in 1898.
Pope Leo XIII in 1898. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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