Monday, March 24, 2014

Spiritual Gems-The Importance of Bringing our Mind to Christ Each Morning

The Importance of Bringing our Mind to Christ Each Morning

"When you constantly unite your life with Mine, you glorify Me and do a great work for other souls.  Even if you are engaged in the littlest of your duties, if you bathe it in my Blood or unite it to the work I did during My mortal life, it will greatly profit other souls...even more perhaps than if you preached to the whole world....I so much want you to understand this!  It is not the action itself that is of value; it is the intention with which it is done.  When I swept the floor and labored in the workshop in Nazareth, I gave as much glory to My Father as when I preached during My Public Life".

Our Lord to Sister Josefa Menendez from the classic: "The Way of Divine Love"

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